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Don't Let E-Commerce Opportunities Pass You By

Posted 17 Apr 2019 by Asuka Westbrook, Market Manager, ACS

Annual retail e-commerce sales have grown roughly 25 percent year over year, but inefficient equipment could be slowing your e-commerce business opportunities. Your equipment – from the website you use to process online orders to the equipment on your packaging line – needs to be able to keep up with the high demands of today’s consumers.


An ineffective PSA tape dispensing system can cause downtime and slow your valuable production time, discouraging the use of tear tape opening. This feature creates a safe, no-knife opening to protect the contents of the package and makes packages easier to open.


Online retailers are taking notice of features, like tear tape opening, in an effort to improve the consumer experience. For example, the largest e-commerce marketplace, Amazon, is setting a trend of frustration-free packaging. For the packaging to be certified, manufacturers need to work with packaging suppliers to innovate and improve the packaging functionality in a cost-effective way. The packaging also must be sustainable and easy to open.


The new Dry End Tape System is a user-friendly system and ideal for low-cost upgrades. The system is designed to work at the highest speed of your corrugator through improved functions, such as controlling the tension through independent braking system and non-adhesive build-up pulley systems.


The combination of H.B. Fuller's Sesame® Film Tape products and Dry End Tape System will add new, efficient capabilities to your operation. The easy opening will add value to your packaging, empower your customers, and delight consumers when they open one of your packages.

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