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H.B. Fuller team in India that stayed working during the pandemic.

Community Support in the Era of Coronavirus

Posted 22 Jun 2020 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Director, Global Communications
For the past few months, people around the world have been dealing with a crisis unlike anything most of us have ever faced. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, and nearly everyone has been affected in some way. 
Nevertheless, H.B. Fuller is still forging ahead; still striving to be the best adhesive company in the world. Not only have we remained open for business, but our employees are discovering new ways to work as we navigate the challenges of staying connected while maintaining a safe distance from each other. Our people have made outstanding contributions to our organization as well as their communities.

Protecting Our People

  • A team of people at our world headquarters kept employees safe by delivering protective equipment. They packed 8,000 masks and 20 thermometers and shipped them to plants in North America.
  • An employee in Frankfort made 130 masks for her fellow employees, using material that was originally intended to make blankets.
  • Employees in Michigan Center sewed 495 masks.
  • In the first quarter, the South Korean team purchased 5,500 masks and got them to China in time to meet the government’s requirement.

Protecting Our Business

  • The QuaranTEAM: Lawrence Alzona, Paul Rommel Joyosa, Carina Sariga, Alberto Maala, Mark David Mendoza, Louie Tuson, and Gaspar Tipay were quarantined in our Philippines plant. They lived and worked there for three weeks to keep delivering to our customers. 
  • Similarly, the leader of our Cilbond business moved into the plant to ensure product kept shipping to customers.
  • During the first quarter, sales teams from across our 28 market segments used the power of collaboration to get Foster® First Defense™ 40-80 Disinfectant to customers across the US and Canada.

Protecting Our World

  • The India team sourced, packaged and distributed 1,000 food and hygiene kits to local populations in need.
  • A group of chemists in St. Paul, Minnesota, are mixing and donating hand sanitizer to those in need. They have the materials to produce 6,000 2-ounce bottles.
  • The County Administration asked our Nienburg, Germany, site for community support because they received a donation of hand disinfectants from Exxon/Brenntag (1,000 liters in IBC containers) but had no opportunity to decant them into smaller bottles in order to distribute them to hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, rescue services and others. We were happy to provide 2,500 bottles of different sizes, which helped to solve the problem and support a needy population.
  • Jason Sagstetter used the 3D printer he received as a birthday gift to produce face shields and ear strain relievers.
  • The team in Portugal produced and donated nearly 1,000 liters of hand sanitizer.
  • Employees in Minnesota donated supplies, food vouchers, and funds to Keystone Community Services.
  • Several facilities have produced hand sanitizer to donate to local nonprofit organizations. 
By sharing these stories, we wish to reinforce the notion that there is still hope amid the hardships and uncertainty. Our company will get through this thanks to the efforts of our dedicated employees. Follow us on social media to see more ways that we are providing community support and making a difference.

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