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Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson: A Partner in Connecting What Matters

Posted 01 Sep 2021 by Jim East, Vice President, Engineering Adhesives

Katie Johnson: A Partner in Connecting What Matters

At H.B. Fuller, we realize how fortunate we are, and we don’t take that good fortune for granted. The challenges of COVID-19 came not easily for anyone, but luckily, adhesives act as mainstay components in manufacturing and new technologies in development constantly, so our industry held steady despite the economic hardships of the pandemic. This stability helps us focus on what matters, and for us, that’s the people we work with and the positive impact we have on the world at large.

Putting People First to Create Memorable Customer Experiences

One worker who positively impacts the H.B. Fuller brand and the value we provide to our customers is our own Katie Johnson: Senior Account Manager in Durable Assembly. Her commitment shows what can happen when people at the individual level in an organization put people first.

Katie knows that each time she engages with H.B. Fuller customers they develop an impression of our brand, and it is her special gift to make customers feel heard, bringing empathy to sales and the challenges customers face while searching for the best solution for their business. “I’m constantly putting myself in my customer’s position, asking the question ‘How would I want to be treated by H.B. Fuller?’” Katie says.

As a salesperson, Katie empathizes with our customers and brings positivity to all customer engagements regardless of the overarching circumstances that may lead to difficulties influencing the customer experience. Katie strives to see the big picture and take the perspective that she knows will provide the best value for the customers she serves.

Katie Meets Challenges Head on and Makes Her Mark at H.B. Fuller

Katie moved into her current role in 2020, with the pandemic in full swing. This limited opportunity to meet with customers and coworkers face to face creates more of an upward climb to build relationships. To make personal connections a reality, Katie harnessed the power of apps like Microsoft Teams, still conveying the value of partnering with H.B. Fuller by showcasing our capabilities and strong global market position.

Because risk is diminished by our market standing, we have the opportunity to reconnect with potential customers who may be experiencing constraints when raw materials were hard to come by. Connecting with these prospects helps Katie continue to provide solutions for customers by helping to solve supply chain issues and add value to production.

Along with our entire commercial team, Katie and others’ efforts allow us to show customers we’re more than a company that makes and ships glue, we’re a partner that can help you solve your toughest adhesion challenges and tackle the obstacles that would prevent progress through a variety of challenges.

Katie Finds Enjoyment in Providing Innovations

Being in sales, Katie enjoys helping her customers find solutions. She makes full use of H.B. Fuller’s strategic partnerships worldwide to deliver the best value and leading products, so customers know they’re getting the best solution for their products—value they then pass on to their customers. Whether it’s an adhesion problem a company has had for years or a new challenge rearing its head at an inopportune time, our robust portfolio can help turn obstacles into advantages.

H.B. Fuller Supports the People Who Make Us Great

Woodworking, textiles, aerospace, and many more industries rely on teammates like Katie Johnson to keep things running smoothly and provide the excellent service our customers expect. Katie’s career began with us, and we very much hope her positive attitude continues to add to our flourishing company culture where we do everything we can to #ConnectWhatMatters. Join us on social media to show your support for a people first mentality and the workers who make it possible.

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