Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Learn about the sustainable packaging solutions offered by H.B. Fuller and how thoughtful packaging design is critical to further our path to a circular economy model.

At H.B. Fuller, we are committed to sustainability and strive to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations. And we’re not alone. Global brand owners are committing to long-term sustainability goals. Organizations are creating partnerships and certifications to create alignment and change. Plus, governments are creating policies and regulations to advance sustainability around the world.

This increase in sustainability goals, partnerships and regulations is causing a shift from a linear economy to a circular economy model. With a sharp focus on this model, we are tackling sustainability issues by creating products that reduce energy usage, minimize waste, and more.

Accordingly, with our sustainability strategy for packaging applications, we have created a new Earthic™ packaging product line to indicate which products help address these issues. At H.B. Fuller, we strive to lead an ethical culture. For us, that includes providing ethical packaging solutions for our Earth. There is only one Earth, and it is our collective responsibility to protect it.

Innovative adhesive solutions positively affect sustainability and facilitate the circularity of the packaging industry. Learn about our sustainable packaging solutions by selecting from the options above.

Low Temperature Adhesives Low Temperature Adhesives
H.B. Fuller’s low-application-temperature adhesives drive sustainability and safety for absorbent hygiene product manufacturers. Our products, like Full-Care® 5221, offer secure bonding and minimize the risk of substrate staining.
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Two people cheers the drink Multipack Bundling
Brand owners are now seeking alternative multi-pack bundling solutions for aluminum cans and liquid cartons to reduce waste. H.B. Fuller solutions help replace plastic rings and stretch wrap with adhesives and recyclable materials.
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palletizing solutions Palletizing Solutions
H.B. Fuller offers palletization adhesives as an earth-friendly alternate to plastic stretch wrap for reducing excess packaging. The adhesive grips corrugated cases and shrink-wrapped bottles to prevent load shift during transit.
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paper cups Paper Cups
H.B. Fuller offers sustainable adhesive and coating solutions for the paper cup industry. Our water-based barrier coatings enable cups to be recycled, while Advantra® hot melt provides superior bonding and thermal stability.
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paper straws Paper Straws
Consumers demand low-impact alternates to plastic packaging, particularly in straws. H.B. Fuller products, including Swift®tak, offer superior durability, three-hour liquid resistance, and compliance with food contact regulations.
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snacks Water-Based Barrier Coatings
H.B. Fuller’s water-based barrier coatings are a sustainable alternative to polyethylene (PE) coatings for paper-based packaging. They improve recyclability, provide moisture resistance, and comply with food contact regulations.
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