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LG Science Park with Ködispace 4SG Warm Edge System

Posted 22 Oct 2020 by Dr. Christian Scherer, Head of Business Development Glass

On the west side of Seoul, South Korea, the globally active LG Group is pooling its research and development departments. Around 22,000 employees are already working in the new LG Science Park and are developing solutions for a new era in the age of digitization and Industry 4.0. So far, 20 buildings have been built with high-quality glass façades made from H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING’s Ködispace 4SG warm edge system, contributing to the sustainably designed and LEED-certified research centre.

LG Group, with subsidiaries including LG Electronics and LG Hausys, is one of the world's largest corporations. Founded in 1947, the company employs more than 200,000 people worldwide and is based in Seoul. Until 2018, the research and development departments of LG Group’s subsidiaries were spread across this vast metropolis. With the new science park, LG is bundling its research laboratories in one place. Over a total area of 170,000 square meters, a building structure the size of a medium-sized town in Germany is being built to accommodate up to 25,000 employees. This makes the campus Korea's largest science centre.

LG Science Park building photo top view

The LG Science Park is Korea's largest research laboratory

Global architect, HOK (Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum), and local partner, Gansam Architects, focused on sustainable design for the development. Compared to the building units previously distributed across the city, energy consumption has been reduced by 38%. The LG Science Park is LEED-certified to U.S. Green Building Council standards. The research buildings received the Silver award, the Integrated Support Center (ICS) achieved the highest level of Platinum. The ICS is at the heart of the campus and serves, among other things, events, exhibitions and seminars, and includes day care centers as well as sports and recreation areas. The campus also was named, “Energy Champion,” by the Korea Energy Agency. In addition to photovoltaic systems and groundwater heat pumps, the highly insulated façades with their generous glass elements make up a large part of the energy concept. Around 98,000 square meters of glass have been installed on the campus so far - this corresponds to the area of nearly 14 soccer fields.

A robust, resilient and durable solution

LG Hausys is a driver of innovation in the construction industry and is the only insulating glass manufacturer in South Korea to use the high-quality Ködispace 4SG warm edge system from H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING. The thermoplastic spacer for insulating glass offers maximum energy efficiency and maximum service life with a unique look and fully meets the high demands of LG. Because glass facades like the one in the LG science park must be able to withstand thermal loads over the long term. In Seoul, the winters are cold, and the summers are hot. In order for the insulating glass to be able to process these temperature differences and maintain energy efficiency, a permanently functioning and tight edge seal is an absolute prerequisite. Insulating glass with the elastic Ködispace 4SG spacer has proven to be extremely robust, resilient and durable.

The warm edge solution not only meets the requirements for a permanently sealed edge seal in a unique way, but is also extremely interesting from a design point of view. The reactive thermoplastic spacer system is applied fully automatically, which is why insulating glass with Ködispace 4SG can be produced with absolute, optical precision. As a result, these windows develop a unique aesthetic: no unsightly offset of the spacer profiles and, above all, no annoying light reflections as with classic spacer systems - the black Ködispace 4SG makes the space between the panes practically invisible.


 Manufacturing making sustainable window adhesive 

The automated Ködispace 4SG application process offers maximum energy efficiency and service life with a unique look.

The insulating glass from LG Hausys with the warm edge system from H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING make a significant contribution to the high-quality and sustainable architecture of the LG Science Park. In addition, the generous glass façades provide the building with plenty of daylight and generate light-flooded laboratories and offices for the employees.

“All design decisions were made from the perspective of the researchers - with a focus on productivity and the exchange between researchers. Here, LG will design the future for mankind, " said Ju-Hwan Shin, managing director, LG Science Park Business Unit / Construction Drive Division.

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