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#EachforEqual: H.B. Fuller Celebrates International Women's Day

Posted 08 Mar 2020 by Kimberlee Sinclair Executive Director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

 Main Image: Valuable Girl Project by Coptic Orphans

Gender equality message painted on house in IndiaToday is International Women’s Day, a time set aside to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and to accelerate women's equality. At H.B. Fuller, we believe in working together to create a world of gender equality that empowers us as individuals, as well as a collective force, to support women and girls internationally.

Our Commitment to Making a Difference

We care deeply about corporate social responsibility. It’s more than just an obligation — it’s a commitment. We are dedicated to making a difference and promoting equality for all, which stems from our understanding of the value of the individual, in addition to the importance of a collective effort that gives the individual the opportunity to advance and receive support. Per one of our Corporate Responsibility pillars, “We are proud to support initiatives around the world that prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators.”

With that in mind, we’re excited to highlight this special day, while also celebrating the efforts we make year-round to enable women and girls around the world to be successful. In addition to support for leadership development, we care deeply about supporting those in need of psychological, financial, healthcare, and social assistance. We are passionate about the causes we champion in developing nations, and we look forward to continuing to support equality for all.

Here are some of those great causes:

  • Overseas China Education Foundation, China
    Educate the more than 3.5 million elementary school dropouts in China. Twenty-two years of this social movement has brought tens of thousands of underprivileged children back to school to build a foundation for a better life.


  • Bethel Foundation Limited, Beijing, China
    Assist members of the visually impaired population who are orphaned. This program provides foster care, education, therapy, and opportunities for a better livelihood.


  • Compassion First, East Java, Indonesia
    Care for victims of trafficking. The organization’s mission,“Make Her Strong Again,” assists trafficked girls with holistic life treatments and a strong foundation for a hopeful future of self-sustainment and independence.
     Compassion First in Indonesia
    Community Development in East Java by Compassion First


  •  Coptic Orphans, Cairo, Egypt
    Empower young women by increasing self-confidence, literacy, leadership skills, and healthcare.

  • Manavya, Pune, IndiaFight for 57 HIV+, socially neglected children who have been deprived of their rights. Teaches them English and computer skills, fighting against the stigma of HIV, and removing the children from poverty by supporting them until adulthood.


  • Karuna Trust, Pune, India
    Empower 1,100 girls living in bad circumstances to take control of their lives — the strategy is to build confidence, provide an escape from the cycle of poverty and danger, and teach the skills necessary to challenge gender norms.


  • Mensajeros de la Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Protect and house children, ages 6-12, who are victims of domestic violence, abuse, forced labor, or unsafe living conditions. The children receive medical assistance and psychological care to provide emotional support and a chance for recovery.


  • Gol de Letra Foundation, São Paulo, Brazil
    Gives 1,300 underprivileged children from poor districts in poor cities a cultural and sports education, better health, a balanced diet, self-confidence, and professional and social skills to help them find their way in life.

    Goal for Equality by Gol de Letra Foundation
    Goal for Equality by Gol de Letra Foundation

Everyone deserves support. Today, we celebrate the women — and the causes — that are helping empower people around the globe and creating a more equal world. We look forward to continuing to engage in efforts to make a positive difference for people everywhere. 

To learn more about the impact we are making around the world, read our global responsibility report.

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