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The H.B. Fuller Customer Portal: Keeping Customers Connected

Posted 24 Jun 2021 by Liz Andert, Global Digital Marketing Manager

The H.B. Fuller Customer Portal: Keeping Customers Connected

Research shows that 67% of customers prefer a digital self-service option, and No Jitter cites a Metrigy report, stating, “By the end of 2023, 49% of all transactions will be self-service.” The trend toward self-service is driven by the ability for customers to act autonomously and find the solutions they need easily.HB Fuller Customers purchasers in a warehouse

Self-service expands customer service and support, letting organizations bypass roadblocks that might decrease productivity and slow down operations. With self-service portals, customers can track shipments, order products, and download technical documents, among other actions. Even further, self-service can enable customers to gain knowledge and develop their expertise, so they can best use and realize the value of the solutions they find.

In response to the increasing demand, H.B. Fuller now offers a customer portal, so our customers can quickly find the best adhesive products to get the job done right. Our new experience features digital tools and platforms to make the process of partnering with us easier and managing your business simpler. The portal features not only shopping but also on-demand training, information databases, data analytics, and many more add-on services for you to make the most out of H.B. Fuller products.

The customer portal is available in eight different languages and regionalized to services that are available in different parts of the world.

H.B. Fuller Academy: Learn from the Experts, Then Become an Expert Yourself

A survey reports that respondents wanted a knowledge database at a rate of 91%. Following demand, we developed the H.B. Fuller Academy, a full suite of accessible, on-demand training videos for many markets and applications that can maximize the value of H.B. Fuller’s adhesive products. In the Academy, you’ll learn how to use our products to optimize your processes and productivity, and find solutions to potential challenges you may encounter.

The on-demand training lets you learn at your own pace and review training at any time. The engaging lessons are manageable and contain solutions to your specific roadblocks, even those that can be especially difficult to manage. You can get ahead of a problem before it arises and learn more about new solutions as they become available.

With H.B. Fuller Academy, our expertise passes to you. The more you learn, the more effectively you can leverage our products to build what you build better and easier.

E-Commerce: Your Portal to Productivity

The e-commerce tool in North America also allows you to easily enter your orders directly on the portal, and you can save order information, so repeat orders are hassle free. You can also upload a CSV or Excel file with material and quantity information, and an order will be created automatically.

Estore EUChecking and updating key information about your orders and account can happen wherever you are and at your convenience, no matter how or who entered the order. The self-service portal acts as a virtual assistant, helping to simplify order status checking, order tracking, and downloading order documents (e.g., invoices, certificates of analysis, order history, and more).

H.B. Fuller’s e-commerce platforms, available in North America and Europe, runs 24/7, so we can help you do what you do best and connect what matters wherever you are in the world.

FullVision™: Bringing Data into Focus

Big data is growing, and it can help grow your business. FullVision targets adhesive specifications and tracks line performance, comparing it to industry benchmarks and end-of-line applications. This data analytics service enables customers to monitor and improve product quality and company productivity remotely after sending us the raw data. A report then generates and sends actionable insights instantly.

Our expert engineers developed proprietary software to generate these at-a-glance insights that can show you what’s working and what needs improvement. And, they’ll be more than happy to speak with you and break down the information in the reports, so you have value-adding suggestions for your production lines. FullVision™ is currently available for the packaging and bookbinding industries.

Find the Best Product for the Job

Our product finder lets you search by product number, keywords, brand, application, and technology so you can find what you need quickly. And, if you’re curious about other solutions that might work for you, our resource library database offers documents that explain the features and benefits of all of our available solutions. We set up our new services to help you find answers to your questions quickly and easily.

If you can’t find the adhesive product that’s just right, fill out the contact us form, and one of our many representatives from around the globe with expertise in your specific market will help you find the adhesive or sealant you need to get the job done.

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