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Sesame® tape is the premier brand of adhesive coated solution for reinforcement and containment applications in the corrugated and folding carton packaging markets.

About Sesame® Tape

Sesame® tapes are available for wet and dry end applications. The applications are used to contain and reinforce bulk bins, heavy-duty boxes, and all type of distribution and shipping boxes. Sesame® tape reinforces critical stress areas of boxes, such as handles and access holes, and is used in conjunction with Open Sesame® tape to create a clear tear opening. This cost-effective, fully-integrated reinforcement and opening system can be applied to a wide range of corrugated and folding carton packaging and is designed to create better functionality, optimal performance, and more sustainable packaging.

Sesame® Kraft Backed Tape: Sesame® Kraft-backed wide tape is used where strong and visible tape reinforcement is needed especially on the high quality litho printed boxes where external graphics are important.The narrow version can be used as an easy opening application which provides strong pull through performance even on the thick linerboard.

Sesame® Specialized Reinforcement Tape: Sesame® specialized reinforcement tape is a wide tape used to reinforce large boxes in critical stress areas. This reinforcing tape can be used to strengthen the top lift flanges of appliance boxes, thereby reinforcing the entire area around the access hole. It can also be used to reinforce large boxes for bulge and sag.

Sesame® String: Sesame® string can be applied to both corrugated and folding carton applications. It is used for vertical scoreline reinforcement and can help extend the reuse of multi-trip containers.

Sesame® Dispensing System: We design and manufacture patented, easy-to-use equipment to both dispense and apply our reinforcement and opening system technologies. In addition, we install our equipment in your plant and provide you with ongoing technical support to ensure you obtain optimum production levels.

Sesame® Dry End Technology: Sesame® dry end products combine fiber-based technology with hot melt adhesives to deliver a strong and durable solution for the dry end of a corrugator. Get all the benefits of traditional Sesame® tape technology with the efficiency of running at the dry end.

Technology Documentation
Sesame® Dry End Tape
Used for access hole or handle reinforcement on beverage and beer boxes, appliances, and parts
Reinforcement and Opening Tear Tape | Reinforcement and Opening Tear Tape

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