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H.B. Fuller Adhesive and Sealant Experts

Posted 03 Mar 2022 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Director, Global Communications

H.B. Fuller is proud to not only be a sponsor of WAC 2022, but also present a sampling of our adhesives and sealants experts. Our experts will be speaking on a number of topics ranging from the role of adhesives in sustainable packaging, electric vehicle battery module encapsulation techniques and more.

Elizabeth Staab, Sustainable Packaging for Consumer Goods

Elizabeth Staab from Health, Hygiene, and Consumables will speak on the role of adhesives in sustainable packaging for the consumer goods market. The demand for sustainable packaging elements is continuing to grow, and H.B. Fuller is rising to meet the challenge with numerous adhesives, including our H.B. Fuller sustainable water-based labeling adhesives and Sesame® Tapes. These adhesives enhance recyclability of the packaging materials and reduce the amount of plastic used and are a step in transforming from a linear to a circular economy.

Staab says one of the things she enjoys the most about working closely with customers on sustainable packaging adhesives is constantly learning about the different ways they can reduce the actual amount of packaging needed and how vital they are for the drive towards a circular economy.

“I love the collaborative relationship we have with our customers and industry partners because we are both constantly teaching each other different things. Sustainable packaging is the future for consumer brands and that can only be achieved when the value chain innovates and collaborates together.”

Scott Cowen, Fast 2K, Replacing Concrete with Polyurethane Foam

Scott Cowen from Construction Adhesives will speak on Fast 2K, a revolutionary way to replace concrete with polyurethane foam in load bearing applications. Fast 2K greatly reduces the time and resources needed to install large utility poles – a two-pound bag of Fast 2k replaces a 100-pound bag of concrete and cuts the installation time from 24 hours to roughly 15 minutes.

Cowen says, “Using Fast 2K instead of concrete is a great way to cut down on time, resource, and labor costs. With the supply chain and labor market challenges we’re facing now, seeing customers save time, money, and labor using Fast2k is very rewarding.”

Marlen Valverde, Electric Battery Encapsulation Techniques

Marlen Valverde, from Engineering Adhesives, will be speaking about electric battery encapsulation techniques to prevent fire and improve crash performance. H.B. Fuller’s EV Protect 4006 offers a solution to an industry-wide problem of lithium-ion battery safety. It provides increased impact protection for battery modules, better containment of kinetic energy containment during cell failures, thermal runway protection and a reduced overall weight.

H.B. Fuller Adhesive and Sealant Experts

In addition to our experts, our CEO, Jim Owens, will give the opening keynote, and Ted Clark, our Chief Operations Officer, will be participating in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Panel.

This small sampling of experts is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our expertise. At H.B. Fuller, connecting what matters means constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and recruiting the best people to do it. Innovation is a two-way street, and H.B. Fuller innovates with and for our customers. Our global team of scientists, engineers and business leaders work diligently every day to ensure the success of our customers and help them reach the highest standards possible.

Want to learn more? These are a small selection of our team of talented and dedicated experts. For more information, head to our newsroom below.

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