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The Smart Home of the Future

Posted 05 Nov 2020 by H.B. Fuller, Business Development Manager

The future of homes lies in personal and family preferences for living spaces. Homeowners have found that there is a vast potential for emerging technologies in homebuilding, and the speed at which houses are built and outfitted with cutting-edge advancements is increasing rapidly. Underlying the technology boom are adhesives that help make the homes of the future possible.

Trends in Home Construction

The homes of the future are far from ordinary. Whole houses constructed of modules can cost less than $100,000, creating a financial opportunity to include furnishing them with the latest in smart devices and appliances. The build for these homes is simple and safe. The houses are made by adding modules to create the physical structure in an assembly of parts, and rooms are prefabricated and easily added to the structure in a short time. Construction takes mere days because of the prefabricated modules, and workers remain safe during construction, as building the house takes place mostly indoors.

Home Security and Maintenance Trends 

Monitoring homes remotely is more accessible than ever with smartphones. Sensor systems can detect a gas leak, an open window, and when someone knocks on the door, the devices delivering the information to residents wherever they may be. Door security has even extended to facial recognition technology, so only authorized people can enter. Inside the home, robot vacuum cleaners, common today, keep the space tidy while people are away, and robotic pet feeders ensure pets have nutritious food in just the right amount. Investing in smart technology for homes can not only keep the place safe and running smoothly while away, but also decrease home insurance premiums.

A Room for All Occasions

Multifunctional rooms are a marvel of technology. Lights in a living room dim automatically to fill the room with the precise amount needed. If guests stay, the living room can be converted into a sleeping space. Further, the room can triple as a study for days when professionals and students work or learn from home. Then at night, families and friends can pile into the reconverted living room to watch a favorite movie on a smart TV with a dual side display for wall art.

Better Bedrooms for Better Rest

The smart bed in the homes of the future will track sleep, automatically increasing or decreasing firmness for maximum rest. After a sleeper rises, the bed can promptly be secured vertically into the wall with the push of a button.

Trends in Energy Conservation

Technology for insulation and airtightness in homes has become so advanced that utility bills are reduced to a fraction compared to the past. These advancements are due to increasing standards for energy conservation globally, a trend that will only grow in the future. Add to the quality of airtight homes a smart thermostat that detects when you leave or arrive, and optimum energy conservation and savings are assured.

Many new products are being equipped with sensors that improve sustainable energy and water usage. In a motion sensitive shower unit, for example, controlling waterflow and heat can be accomplished with simple gestures. The new showers available use only a fraction of the water and energy of a traditional shower, on trend with the push toward conservation in housing. After the shower, a person can catch up on the news while brushing their teeth via a smart mirror with touchscreen display.

Soon, energy-efficient homes may turn into energy-efficient communities. Solar roadways, capable of powering homes, have proven that power need not come from traditional sources. These types of roads have received crowdfunding in the US and have already been applied in the Netherlands.

The Future of Adhesives in an Evolving Market

Smart homes are working their way into mainstream design and provide a wealth of opportunity for construction companies to up their game and replace old technologies with new ones, including more desirable and functional adhesives. At H.B. Fuller, our adhesives help build smart homes and advance the technologies in them in nearly every aspect, from the home itself to the devices in it. Increase the energy efficiency in homes and innovate in smart devices with our adhesives.

Learn more about the trends in adhesive technologies that help build the homes of the future by contacting us today.

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