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H.B. Fuller Opens New Technical Center in China

Posted 17 Nov 2022 by Catherine Huang, Hygiene Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific

In October 2022, H.B. Fuller officially opened a new technical center at our plant in the Yonghe sub-district of Guangzhou, China.

The opening of the new technical center allows H.B. Fuller to enhance overall R&D capabilities in the Asia Pacific region, better serve customers and markets, and greatly accelerate the rapid growth of the company's businesses in hygiene, packaging, medical, automotive, woodworking, industrial assembly and consumer electronics in the Asia Pacific region.

Improve lab equipment, enhance R&D ability

H.B. Fuller's new technical center includes laboratories for its hygiene, packaging and engineering adhesives segments, as well as a new synthesis lab.

In the new center, H.B. Fuller has improved analysis and testing capabilities in full scale, with an infrared analyzer, DSC, GC-MS, GC-FID, GPC, a high-precision microscope, a new type of INSTRON, a high-end penetrometer, rheometers for various purposes, high-speed coater and other advanced R&D equipment. At the same time, H.B. Fuller has established a new development team for the emulsion polymerization of water-based adhesives and invested in advanced R&D equipment, such as a polymer pilot glass reactor, Malvern Zetasizer particle sizer, and polymer glass transition temperature testing equipment. These investments will allow H.B. Fuller to quickly respond to customer needs through product structure design and formula performance optimization. The newly added synthesis lab also helps H.B. Fuller better understand customers’ needs, develop customized products, and drive technical innovations.

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Leveraging global R&D resources, this new center positions H.B. Fuller to rapidly upgrade and expand product lines in China, maintain and continuously enhance its innovation processes and pipeline to help provide customers with the best adhesive solutions. Additionally, H.B. Fuller is partnering closely with customers to help them realize their sustainable design and manufacturing goals, and the new center will further enable these collaborations. As an advocator and practitioner of green standards, H.B. Fuller is more actively spreading the sustainability concept to the market and developing more advanced green technologies.

Cultivate technical talents and strengthen cooperation with customers

Entrance Hall

H.B. Fuller has had a presence in China for more than 60 years, and we are committed to helping drive new product development and invention, and serve customers across the country and the region. The expanded facility will accelerate innovation and provide customers with a full range of adhesive solutions to adapt to future trends, in a better and faster way, developed by our team of technical experts. H.B. Fuller welcomes customers from various industries to visit us and provide valuable input, in an effort to go further, together, on innovation cooperation.



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