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Getting More From Your Core: Trends in the Disposable Hygiene Market

Posted 11 Mar 2021 by Nora Dreyer, Marketing Specialist Personal Care

According to UNICEF, an estimated 140 million babies will be born in 2021, each of whom will require between 2,000 and 2,200 diapers in their first year of life. With this many diaper changes, the last thing any consumer wants is underperforming products, which cause discomfort to the baby. While studying the top consumer pain points, we discovered that leakage is one of the major consumer complaints about baby diapers. Taking into consideration that the number of diaper changes overnight is less than during the day, leakage protection is most important for consumers at night. An H.B. Fuller internal study of global social media statements from consumers clearly shows this tendency:

Top hygiene consumer pain points

Leakage concerns could be attributed to several factors, including the overall diaper fit, core design and absorption performance of the core component materials. Leakage concerns of consumers might increase, for example, as diaper cores become thinner. 

Trend of Specialty Cores in Emerging Markets

In addition to the trend of thinner diaper core designs in the disposable hygiene market, specialty cores and the shift toward thinner cores with reduced fluff also are emerging. Thinner materials mean less waste, reduced logistics requirements, and a smaller overall footprint. 

Global SAP to Fluff Ratio Trend

We have developed the next generation of our core solutions to address increased demand for thinner diaper designs in geographies, such as the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

The versatile core integrity adhesive Full-Care™ 7885 was specialty designed to exceed consumer performance expectations, while meeting total cost-in-use targets. Full-Care 7885 offers superior core stabilization, so hygiene producers can get more from their core, save on overall materials, reduce their carbon footprint, and stay competitive.

While a standard construction adhesive sits on top of the surface, specialty core adhesives penetrate the porous core. This deep penetration, combined with excellent wet strength and mechanical anchoring, results in high-performing core adhesives to keep diapers leak-free, help reduce bunching and improve fit – even when the diaper is full. Its optimized viscosity profile allows application at lower temperatures, and the enhanced wet core integrity exceeds industry standard for up to 30% cost in use savings.

Contact an H.B. Fuller expert today to learn more about the latest hygiene adhesive innovation that was designed to address key consumer pain points.

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