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Recreational Vehicles Emerge Stronger from the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted 01 Dec 2020 by Nicole Laborenz, Marketing BTRS & RV EMEA and Johanna Sieber, Product Management EMEA

Travelling by caravan or motor home is becoming more and more popular, and the industry is booming. During the spring of 2020, new recreational vehicles’ (RV) registrations decreased due to the pandemic. The reverse is true now, and record numbers of people are buying RVs, particularly with first-time buyers. This comes as no surprise since caravanning is one of the safest vacations as you travel individually and independently with your own sleeping, living, cooking and sanitary options. It’s similar to living at home, and today’s RVs provide luxury, comfort and optimal energy efficiency – all made possible by the intelligent application of innovative adhesive technologies.

One-stop adhesive solutions for the global RV industry

Adhesives create a high quality and durable bond for all elements that come together to create a caravan or RV, including the sidewalls, roof, floor, and front and rear panels. And of course, these bonds must perform well in all climates, in every season. Be it a hotmelt, a liquid moisture cure or 2part Polyurethane for the manufacture of sandwich panels, a tape for the permanent repair of the roof and roof accessories, a polyurethane or a silane terminated polymer for assembly bonding, H.B. Fuller offers a one-stop solution for every adhesive, sealant and other specialist chemical technology that RV manufacturers need to use to help them improve their production processes, vehicle durability and performance, and, ultimately, the consumer experience when using them anywhere in the word. We focus on market trends and partner with RV manufacturers to manufacture the latest in design and delight RV consumers.

Benefits of Adhesive Technology in RV manufacturing

Today‘s motorhomes need to meet the highest requirements in their design, comfort and safety, coupled with maximum individualization. In addition to providing a strong bond, adhesives in modern vehicle construction also need to meet challenging demands regarding energy efficiency. On the one hand, our products help to improve noise dampening and reduce vibrations in RVs to a minimum. And on the other hand, they also ensure a weight reduction - without reducing the stability - that is immediately reflected in lower fuel consumption. Designed for more efficient transport, our products also support our customers’ sustainability goals. H.B. Fuller’s adhesives and sealants offer a range of benefits:

Cost Savings

  • Lower fuel costs through weight reduction
  • Lower manufacturing costs by reducing the number of process steps
  • Lower repair costs, fewer downtimes thanks to reduced corrosion, etc.
  • Longer long-term investment costs thanks to greater longevity

Added Value

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Greater comfort
  • Moisture-proof
  • Noise dampening inside and outside
  • Reduction of vibration
  • Safety
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Energy savings


  • Improved look
  • Greater freedom in the design

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