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Posted 02 Jul 2020 by Harsh Gupta, Regional GM, India

According to the National Investment Promotion & Facilitation Agency India, the India retail market will likely cross USD 1.7 trillion in the coming years. In India, rapidly expanding mass retail and club stores will drive the demand for the retail-ready market, as these stores carry a limited product selection compared to their traditional counterparts. Adding to this, the increasing disposable income among the middle-class income group, fast-paced lifestyle and increasing consumption of packaged food is expected to drive growth in the retail-ready packaging market.

Supermarket Aisle 

Retail-ready packaging (RRP) provides a major opportunity for retailers to improve supply chain efficiencies and generate sales at the point of purchase. It results in cleaner stores for customers, fewer gaps on the shelves, and can trigger impulse purchases. RRP doesn’t just benefit retailers; the simplified transition process from warehouse to shelf means better in-stock availability for suppliers. Using RRP also enhances suppliers’ positioning and visibility at the store level, thus increasing the chance for sales. On the consumer side, RRP helps make the shelf-to-shopping-cart transition easier, enhancing the shopping experience.

To be a part of the Indian retail-ready packaging growth story, you need a knowledgeable technology partner with innovative and cutting-edge solutions for better functionality, optimal performance and sustainable packaging. H.B. Fuller offers a variety of innovative solutions for all your packaging needs.

The key benefits of retail-ready packaging include:

Easy opening This means openings that cantear away for a smooth edge and don't require extra cutting or slicing. Our clean retail-ready opening application provides a safe, no knife opening to access the products inside without damaging them.

Best shelf appearance When shoppers visit stores and look at shelves, the products that stand out the most are more likely to make it into shopping baskets. Along with compression strength, our premium, shelf-ready opening application provides best shelf appearance to showcase your products with clear identification of brand and product information (variety, count, size, etc.).

Easy to replenish If you make your product easy to stock, retailers will continue to stock it again and again. In addition to being easy to replenish, retail-ready packaging is easy to disassemble and dispose of after use.

Sustainable and efficient shipper display box One of the key challenges of retail-ready packaging is to have the corrugated case function both as a shipping case and as a display piece. Using a format that allows for 35% less paper than a conventional two-piece tray and cover, our reinforced tape allows the shipper to display in one box.

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