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Don’t Bat an Eye: Solutions for the Perfect Lash and More

Posted 07 Apr 2021 by Author: Joe Silvestro, Business Director, Health & Beauty
The beauty and cosmetics industry continues to thrive, and H.B. Fuller has the established, adaptable, and transparent supply chain to meet demand. We work with industry professionals to design beauty adhesives with the latest trend data, fully customizable to match your requirements. Our full line of adhesives perform to medical grade standards and suit a variety of applications. We aim to support the development of beauty products that look natural and to help artists make happy customers. 

Designed for the Times 

Fortune reports that eyelash extensions have become a mainstay due to COVID-19, a trend rising from the use of masks and video conferencing, and this trend will last well into the future. Even before the pandemic, industry experts projected that the eyelash extensions market would steadily grow beginning in 2019. 
At H.B. Fuller, we adapt to new conditions. We were the first to have a no-odor, long-wear adhesive for sensitive eyes. We know beauty, and we can customize products to give you the confidence that what you sell is on trend and industry leading. 

Safe, High-Quality Cosmetics

Safety is a top concern among consumers, especially when applying products around their eyes. Our medically-approved adhesives have consistent quality, flexibility and long-lasting retention, and are ISO-10993 certified. We only work with suppliers that perform to the highest ethical standards and are committed to transparency in everything we do. We follow strict safety measures and test rigorously for purity. When you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the products you sell are made with the utmost care. 

Great Lashes Last 

Eyelashes naturally grow and fall out in a ten-week cycle. But beauty artists adhere false lashes to the strongest lashes, so artists’ customers can enjoy their lashes on a four-week cycle. Our lash extension adhesives last. 

Diverse Portfolio 

Our world-class portfolio of cosmetics adhesives enables beauty artists to provide their customers with fast-setting, flexible, long-lasting eyelash extensions that bring out the best in their customers. And, in addition to lash extension adhesives, we offer UV-curing adhesives for gel nail polish, eyeliner pencils, and decorative glassware. 
All of our lines of adhesives are solvent free, and our cyanoacrylates harden instantly, perfect for false lashes, brow extensions, and hair extensions. When people want to look their best, they often turn to Botox® and fillers. Offer a product that can accomplish results without injections. 

Custom Creations 

With options for customization, we can make things easier by partnering with you to plan your next bestselling lash line. Provide your customers with one-of-a-kind color strip lashes, equipped with our eyelash extension adhesives and complete with custom packaging and private labeling. We’ll help market your brand and build its image with formulas for custom creations or updating a classic. Customization adds value to the services cosmetic artists offer, so shape products to help them succeed. 

Solutions for the Cosmetics Industry 

At H.B. Fuller, we know that beauty products are as unique as the people who use them. That’s why we take care to make adhesives that work with your product ideas and align with your brand. Customers expect high-quality cosmetics that are both effective and safe. As a world leader in adhesives, we help you deliver the products your customers turn to when they need a reliable solution to keep customers coming back. 
Contact us to learn more about what we make and tell us what you want to make next. Quality adhesives improve beauty products, and for that, we have you covered. 


*BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc., an AbbVie company. 

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