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One Year Anniversary of Employee Networking Groups

Posted 02 Sep 2022 by Nathan Weaver, Vice President, Human Resources and Communications

The H.B. Fuller Employee Network Groups (ENGs) were formally launched one year ago to create an even more inclusive culture that leverages the diverse perspectives of our employees to meet our business goals.

H.B. Fuller is proud to sponsor the Next Generation Professionals (NGP), for employees who are early in their career, the Black Employee Network (BEN), for Black employees, and the Women@Fuller, for employees who identify as women.

“Our Employee Networking Groups provide opportunities for employees to develop their careers, and raise the voices of Black employees, women, and young professionals at H.B. Fuller.” – Celeste Mastin, Chief Operating Officer, H.B. Fuller


As we reach the conclusion of the first full year of operation, we reflect on how the ENGs helped build community, support skill development, and provide members with exposure to senior leadership, and look ahead to the future of the ENGs.

Building Community

ENGs sponsored many events, both online and in person, which nurtured the spirit of collaboration by creating an opportunity for people to meet one another.

  • Social events, such as bean bag tournaments and social hours, provided the opportunity for face time and relationship building in a pressure-free environment.
  • Networking sessions specific to sub-groups within each ENG have created relationships and fostered trust and opportunities for collaboration for employees that otherwise would not have had a reason to connect.
  • Volunteering allowed for meaningful ways to connect with each other, supporting nonprofit organizations through group events, fundraising events, and attending nonprofit programming.

Skill Development

ENGs offered many opportunities to enhance the professional skills of their membership.

  • ENG members worked across groups to build a mentorship platform for the ENGs to make it easier to find and match a mentor and mentee, including co-workers and interns.
  • Having access to ENG members provided Human Resources leaders a pool of employees to help shape an updated Parental Leave Policy.
  • Members were encouraged to explore internal project opportunities posted on the company’s Project Redeploy platform to strengthen their skills and learn more about H.B. Fuller and its varied opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • ENGs were thoughtful about promoting internal job postings and encouraging members to think beyond their current role with the company.
  • Guest speakers from outside the company provided ENG members training on soft skills and advocating for your own self-worth.

Exposure to Leadership

Organized events have allowed ENG members access to company leaders and management in ways that haven’t been easily available in the past. There have been several opportunities to meet with and learn from senior leadership, from panel discussions, social events, and on-line meet ups. Topics include:

  • Investor Relations
  • Market Strategy
  • Impact of Relationships
  • Career Growth
  • Women in Leadership

Events featuring our business leaders have provided employees not only insight from industry experts, but also with the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and interests, and to showcase talents with people who can help advance their careers at H.B. Fuller.

Looking Forward

These groups have grown over the past year to involve more than 500 employees in the United States and Canada. Recognizing the ENG's value as a tool to retain employees and build a strong sense of community, managers continue to seek out information on how to support the groups and encourage their employees to participate in an ENG. Each ENG will be exploring geographic expansion as well as ways for those in production facilities to engage meaningfully.

As H.B. Fuller CEO Jim Owens says, “By creating a diverse and inclusive environment, we stay on track to achieve our mission to be the best adhesive company in the world.”

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