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Spraying fire retardant on wood

Fighting Fires with Reliable Fire Retardant Solutions

Posted 14 May 2021 by Clark Reifsnider, Senior Scientist/R&D Manager, Polymers

From electrical wiring and flex ductwork to non-woven materials, fire retardant polymers are necessary for safety. We’re dedicated to providing industries across the world with reliable, environmentally responsible solutions, including aqueous flame retardant dispersions and fire rated sealants. Read on to discover how our products work to fight fires and learn what solutions may work best for different types of applications.

Fire Retardant Dispersions

There are myriad uses for fire retardant dispersions, including deployment with water-based systems to add fire resiliency to paints, coatings, and adhesives that are applied to textiles, plastics, wood, and other common materials. Our FRD-085 and FRD-096 products are aqueous dispersions that offer a dust-free solution to avoid the hazards that come from inhaling powdered flame retardants during application.

FRD-085 Advantages:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Low smoke generation
  • Low melting point of 115 °C
  • Excellent for adhesive applications

FRD-096 Advantages:

  • Environmentally safe
  • OEKO-TEX® certified raw materials
  • Low melting point of 105 °C
  • Excellent for coating textiles

Using Bromine to Fight Fires

Our full line of aqueous flame retardant dispersions use different mixtures of environmentally safe bromine for maximum efficiency. Beyond absorbing heat or reducing oxygen in the air needed to fuel fire, bromine actively breaks the chain reaction of combustion by bonding with the hydrogen atoms needed for materials to combust. This potent solution makes it difficult for materials to catch fire, and also slows combustion in emergency situations.

Fire Resistant Adhesive for Insulating Glass

With more industries seeking to achieve net-zero emissions, insulating glass (IG) became a focus for many companies seeking to reduce energy loss. H.B. Fuller has decade of experience innovating many IG products, among them: Ködimelt FR for window construction. This PIB-based spacer for fire resistant glazing aids the full prevention of radiation from penetrating glass and allows for a high amount of flame retardant filler, maximizing protection against flames to help keep fires from spreading. Ködimelt FR features high productivity due to fully automated application.


Junction Box Silicone Potting Compound

H.B. Fuller is a premier provider of solar panel sealants. Our TONSAN 1533 is a two-component, silicone potting compound for PV J-box construction. It features better flame retardancy and excellent fluidity. Optimal thermal management capabilities make this compound environmentally friendly, maintaining reliable long-term performance.

Honeycomb Core Panel Adhesives

At H.B. Fuller, we supply EY2562, a strong, pourable, and extremely lightweight epoxy for the construction of honeycomb core panels. This product is fire-retardant and fire-resistant for structures that demand optimal performance when safety matters most. Excellent bonding to metals, composites, coatings, and most plastics assure you can expect consistent results across the materials you use to build honeycomb core panels. And, because these panels’ performance is critical, our honeycomb core panel epoxy meets the latest industry standards.

Product Benefits:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Superior bonding to metals, composites, coatings, and most plastics
  • Suitable for MMD dispensing equipment
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Room temperature cure

Fire on computer circuitElectrical and Electronic Adhesives

H.B. Fuller provides first-rate encapsulation systems for electronic and electrical applications. Our epoxy, silicon, urethane, and acrylic adhesives offer longevity for devices and excellent thermal conductivity as electronic and electrical encapsulants and potting materials. Encapsulation often requires a variety of flexibility and cure speeds, in addition to countless considerations in components and assemblies. So, our products perform throughout diverse applications.

 Fire Rated Products for Construction in Australia
  • Firesound™ — A premium, quality acoustic sealant fire rated up to four hours with intumescent qualities (expansion under extreme heat to protect underlying materials and gaps).
  • FulaCaulk FR™ — Flexible, fire rated acrylic wall joint sealant with fast dry-through properties ideal for exterior and interior applications.
  • FulaFlex FR™ — High performance, fire rated hybrid polymer sealant for wall joints. It suits wall joints 10-50 mm wide and can even be applied to damp surfaces for effective exterior and interior use. 
  • FulaFoam™ FR — Fire resistant expanding foam filler that bonds easily to common construction substrates. It offers effective thermal and acoustic insulation ideal for gaps in window and door frames.

The H.B. Fuller Difference

Get fast and effective solutions that are proven to resist fire with a minimized impact on the environment. Our fire-retardant dispersions are uniquely customizable for high volume orders to meet specific criteria, and the multitude of products available for flame retardance and resistance across industries will continue to grow, and we will continue to innovate. Our experienced, customer-focused R&D experts can consult with you to find the best adhesive products on the market. Contact us today to learn more.

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