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Sam Vancura

Sam VanCura: From Intern to Expert Analyst

Posted 11 Feb 2022 by Susan McNichols, Senior Sourcing Analyst

Adhesives help solve some of the biggest challenges around the globe, from providing clean drinking water, food security, and innovations that shape technology. In creating such resources, H.B. Fuller’s adhesives connect communities and improve opportunities for future generations.

A Strong Outlook for Job Seekers

Experts predict that a hiring boom will trend going forward despite the setbacks of the COVID-19 virus on the economy. Bloomberg reports, “Economists at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. see the unemployment rate falling to 4.1% by the end of the year from 6.2% in February. Hiring should be especially swift since two-thirds of the remaining pandemic job losses are in industries hard hit by the virus.”

A strong rebound from economic hardships certainly benefits those looking for new jobs and new opportunities. LinkedIn conducts studies on the future of hiring. The outlook for applicants to available positions shows an increase of 25%. In addition, the social employment network found evidence that the pandemic may end in the near term.

“We are now inching closer to the end of the pandemic. The signs show that we're getting ready to go back to work and reopen the economy.” These trends reveal confidence in the job market across many sectors. The positive impact on the economy will be an increase in shopping and people returning to pre-pandemic living.

Interning at H.B. Fuller

To develop ground-breaking products in the adhesives industry, we need the exceptional talent that makes it happen. Internships are one of the central means by which H.B. Fuller finds exceptional talent, and one of our interns turned Sourcing Analyst Sam VanCura works to obtain the raw materials that deliver the best total value for us and our customers alike.

“I manage raw materials under the Engineering Adhesives business unit.” Sam says, “As a Sourcing Analyst, my focus is on securing raw materials. I work to obtain materials that deliver the best total value to H.B. Fuller and manage supplier relationships across a number of raw material categories.”

In her internship, Sam learned that working in sourcing in a global company also offers the opportunity to impact communities directly. She volunteered with Open Arms, a nonprofit that focuses on delivering nutritious meals to people with life threatening health challenges, and in doing so aided people in need in the Minneapolis area.

Estore_EU_ThumbnailSam reports her internship was rewarding and included a range of benefits, “It was a well-rounded experience with exposure to different functions through project meetings, lunch and learns, informational meetings, and networking events.” She also enjoyed kayaking at White Bear Lake and enjoys running and recreation around the Twin Cities.

Do Work That Matters

Our interns learn a great deal about how good work happens, including the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and perspective development. “Each person you meet has something they can teach you,” Sam confirms.

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