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Improved Packaging Integrity and Greater Customer Satisfaction

Posted 17 Jun 2020 by Harsh Gupta, Regional GM, India

Manufacturers rely heavily on corrugated boxes to protect their products through the shipping process. Secondary packaging is crucial to maintaining products’ appearance and integrity, helping protect the products inside as well as protecting brand image. This has become more challenging as linerboard continues to increase in recycled fiber content. Read on to find out how H.B. Fuller plans to address those challenges.

Hand hole challenge and solution

Hand holes (also known as access holes) are designed into corrugated boxes to facilitate safe manual handling. The applications for these products are diverse, including everyday goods, such as beer, high-value goods, such as wide-screen televisions, printers, windows, patio doors, garage doors, and automotive body replacement parts, and everything in between.

When a box is lifted by its hand holes, the weight of its contents is braced by the bottom of the box. If not properly secured, the bottom part of the box can open. This means the package’s contents could fall out, resulting in content damage and, possibly, personal injury. Even when adequately secured, the hand holes can fail due to lack of strength at the top of the panel. The hand hole itself can rupture from the force of lifting, likely causing the handler to drop that end of the box.

H.B. Fuller reinforcement adhesive technology provides strength exactly where it’s needed and makes the handle more convenient to use. This is done by applying hot melt coated yarn fiber tape in between or on top of the packaging liners. Our fully integrated reinforcement system can be applied to a variety of corrugated packaging utilizing our equipment solutions and are designed to prevent packaging failure.

Reinforcement applications from H.B Fuller allow customers to reduce waste while protecting their goods.

In addition to product protection, our reinforcement tape helps in optimizing board weight while maintaining performance. This allows converters to balance between strength and the right board combination. Whether your boxes or packages incorporate hand holes, access holes, handle flaps, suitcase style handles or sling pack carrying handles, our reinforcement products strengthen these critical areas and prevent your products from falling on the floor.

For more than 30 years, H.B. Fuller’s reinforcement technology has been used to strengthen packaging and help protect the products inside. If you are looking for efficient closing, easy opening, reduction of bulge and burst, prevention of hand hole tear outs or to increase stacking performance, you can rely on the performance of H.B. Fuller’s adhesive coated solutions.

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