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H.B. Fuller Uses Its Own Products to Improve World Headquarters

Posted 18 Feb 2020 by Joline Caswell, Willow Lake Facility Manager

At H.B. Fuller, we believe in our products, which is why, when it came time to make improvements to our world headquarters in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, there was no question as to whose materials would be used.


In addition to improving the roof, we also took efforts to introduce renewable energy options to the facility through the inclusion of solar panels and improved the tile flooring in several of the entryways to the office buildings.


Commercial Roofing


After thorough research, we concluded that using a Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO), single-ply membrane was the best option for our roofing project. Our Commercial Roofing segment supplied the materials, including adhesives, laminate tapes and primers, all of which made it easy to install a single ply roof system that was specifically designed to complement energy-saving white roofing membranes.


Prior to the installation of the TPO membrane, the process began with the application of I.S.O. Spray R Urethane Insulation adhesive that was used to adhere the insulation to the concrete deck. This allowed the installers to work without disruption. The TPO membrane was fully bonded to the cover board using TPO UltraPly Bonding adhesive over both concrete and steel decking.


From that point, the installation of solar panels could begin.

Image of H.B. Fuller roof before solar panel installationImage of H.B. Fuller roof after solar panel installation


Solar Panels


H.B. Fuller selected solar panels made by one of our largest new energy customers to both introduce renewable energy options to the space as well as provide considerable cost savings (rebates from Xcel Energy, the State of Minnesota and the Federal Government will allow H.B. Fuller to see returns as soon as the end of year six).


Though the addition of solar panels will increase the amount of energy produced, H.B. Fuller continues to look for other ways to reduce consumption, including a plan to replace lighting with more energy-efficient LED options. And, while the solar panels are expected to generate roughly 5% of the energy the campus uses, it’s another example of steps H.B. Fuller is taking to honor its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


According to David Moorman, vice president of Operations for H.B. Fuller’s Hygiene, Health and Consumable Adhesives business unit, “At H.B. Fuller, we are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities where we live and work. This investment in renewable electricity brings us closer to our sustainability goals as it moves our business and operations forward.”

Image of H.B. Fuller employee entrance with open lobby

Tile Flooring


Finally, improvements to the world headquarters culminated with new tile flooring for the employee entrance. H.B. Fuller chose to use grout from TEC, the leading brand of high-quality, technologically advanced products for the surface preparation and installation of tile.


Started in 2016, improvements to H.B. Fuller world headquarters are now visible, and showcase the global adhesives manufacturer’s pride in its own products as well as demonstrates the importance of environmental stewardship.


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