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H.B. Fuller’s Glue House: Scavenger Hunt

Posted 11 Aug 2022 by Liz Andert, Global Digital Marketing Manager

Wherever you are right now, take a minute and look around. What do you see? Chances are, most of the items you are seeing have some type of adhesive in them. Nearly everything around you, from your phone to the doors and windows, the items in your pantry, the labels on your fruit, the flooring underneath you – and more – all have adhesives. At H.B. Fuller, we made it easy to see just how many adhesives are used in your everyday life by creating an interactive, virtual house.

The Front of the Glue House

As you begin your journey into the Glue House, you will see at a mailbox that uses Fast 2K™, an alternative to concrete that provides a reliable, sturdy element for back-filling. Unlike standard concrete, Fast 2K™ does not need water, a wheelbarrow, or messy mixing to produce results.

The next item you will see is the roof. At H.B. Fuller, we provide adhesives and sealants for all stages of commercial roofing, from general roofing, roof vents, and commercial roof tapes.

As you keep moving toward the house, you will see a package at the front door. Our e-commerce packaging solutions support brands that are looking for sustainable and tamper-evident adhesives that also allow for easy opening and returns, and use the least amount of packaging material possible.

To the left, you can see the family’s recreational vehicle (RV). Our full line of RV adhesives, sealants and tapes are designed with recreational vehicles in mind, making lightweight, durable trailers possible.

In the garage, you can see our full line of GorillaPro™ products for maintenance and repair projects with unique packaging, dispensing and a user-friendly, ‘grab-and-go,’ color-coded identification system. Together, H.B. Fuller and The Gorilla Glue Company have combined technology, innovation, and unbridled, brute strength to deliver the next evolution of solutions for countless industrial fixes.

The Glue House family car, which contains many of our products ranging from exterior lighting to interior trim, is parked in the garage. With our line of reliable and innovative automotive products, manufacturers can obtain all the supplies they need from one supplier. Using H.B. Fuller’s automotive adhesives and sealants allows automakers to incorporate new materials that offer cost savings and performance improvements. And as has been demonstrated across the adhesives industry, applications like ours can be more resistant to fatigue, contaminants, and corrosion than conventional fasteners throughout the life of the products they fasten.

Tour the Main Level of the Glue House

As you finally enter the Glue House, you will notice the H.B. Fuller Bulletin Board. This board has information on who H.B. Fuller is and what we offer. You can explore our locations, how to apply for a job or read up on our long history of supplying adhesives. Packed into the entry way you may notice shoes, dog food, a shopping bag, a coat, and paper coffee cup; all of which contain adhesives.

Moving into the living room, you can see engineered wood flooring adorning the floors. For flooring manufacturing, our innovative solutions, including Rapidex® and Swift® adhesives, can help increase production output while reducing labor costs for installers.

Surrounding the living room are these stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that incorporate insulating glass and our Ködispace 4SG Warm Edge Spacer. Green Building is currently in high demand, which is exactly why H.B. Fuller offers sealant formulations to help manufacturers create long-lasting, energy-efficient windows.

In the kitchen, you will see that H.B. Fuller offers woodworking and composite adhesive solutions for the manufacturing of countertops and cabinets. The backsplash demonstrates our TEC® line of grout and grout colorants.

Explore the Upper Level of the Glue House

Head back to the entryway and climb up the stairs to level two. Directly up the stairs, you will see a new source of energy outside of the window on the roof. H.B. Fuller provides a number of different solutions for all facets of manufacturing and installing solar panels. The solar market is one of the fastest-growing energy technologies, so H.B. Fuller customizes our packages, which enable faster installations, reduced labor hours and lower costs.

From there, head into the first bedroom on the left (the nursery), and on the wall you will notice a graphic design that is made from our permanent graphic applications. The graphic was applied to the wall with Swift®col 9668 adhesive, a self-curing pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for PVC graphics.

Moving toward the back of the room, you will see a portable device that uses H.B. Fuller’s robust and reliable adhesives for all electronic manufacturing. We offer broad, end-to-end solutions in addition to electronics materials and processes that meet current and next-generation bonding requirements in the consumer electronics field.

Now, onto the bathroom, where the tile flooring uses TEC grout and mortars to provide the most advanced tile solutions in the industry. The large mirror is hung with professional grade Gunter Mirror Mastics.

The medicine cabinet is filled with consumer essentials and everyday products held together with adhesives, such as medicine foil safety film, feminine hygiene pads, syringes, stick-to-skin medical monitoring devices and even toilet paper.

In the master bedroom, you’ll notice the unique peel-and-stick wallpaper that creates a luxurious accent wall. H.B. Fuller’s microsphere technology makes this accent wall possible, as it allows the wallpaper to be removable and repositionable. This adhesive technology helps maintain its integrity for longer periods of time without leaving any residue or damaging the surface.

Look down, and you will see the carpeting, which uses TEC® Premium Fast Grab Carpet Adhesive for carpet installation and their universal solvent-free seam sealer to achieve pristine edges and reduce edge raveling.

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