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Let's Break the Silence on Incontinence

Posted 07 Jun 2021 by Nora Dreyer, Marketing Specialist Personal Care

Why is incontinence still a taboo subject?

Although incontinence is the fastest growing hygiene market, with 8-9%* projected volume growth from 2020-2025, it is still negatively affecting people’s lives.
Experiencing negative emotions, such as embarrassment and insecurity, is one of the main reasons why people with incontinence carry extra underwear with them or have other ways of mitigating the issue. Incontinence is a medical condition and an underlying symptom of a range of diseases that affects between 4-8% of the population, or the lives of almost 450 million people worldwide. Of this number, 12.4% women and 5% of all men worldwide are affected.

adult incontinence around the world
*Price Hanna Consultant

Which generations suffer from incontinence?

Let’s break down the numbers: 

  • In their 2020 report, the United Nations estimated that there are 727 million people aged 65 years or over worldwide.
  • This number is projected to more than double by 2050, reaching over 1.5 billion people. However, this age group is not the only one facing incontinence. Looking at Australia alone, as many as 60,000 Australian teenagers experience some form of incontinence. 
 Incontinence levels around the world Graphic

How do we break the taboo of discussing incontinence?

Education is key. Disposable hygiene producers around the world are taking initiatives to increase acceptance of the valuable role incontinence products play in the lives of those who are experiencing it. Providing manufacturers with the best adhesive solutions is our contribution to breaking the silence of incontinence. Reliable adhesives help producers around the world offer consumers incontinence articles with exceptional comfort, fit, and great performance. In turn, consumers can feel confident and avoid feeling embarrassed or insecure about their incontinence. 
For more than 40 years, H.B. Fuller has helped hygiene customers imagine, create, and design solutions that touch people's lives in simple, yet profound, ways. Our complete line of Full-Care®  adhesive solutions enables customers to remain innovative. We collaborate with customers on significant hygiene projects that address the issue of incontinence with a common goal: driving innovation, reducing cost-in-use, and winning together in the market.
Let’s break the silence of incontinence together and provide consumers around the world with first-class products. We are your partner of choice with Full-Care® adhesive solutions for the hygiene and nonwoven industry.