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2019 Year in Review

Posted 31 Jan 2020 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Director, Global Communications

1. 20 Year Anniversary of Advantra®

Advantra® Warrior™ is a high-performing adhesive with proprietary polymer technology that delivers strong bonds on cases and cartons across a multitude of environments, allowing CPG manufacturers to consolidate SKUs and streamline supply chains. Also known as Advantra® SMART in the European Union, this new technology was formulated on the 20-year foundation of Advantra® excellence, and continues to raise the bar for food packaging and superior adhesive performance.

2. Preserving Scientific Artifacts

The Science Museum of Minnesota houses one of only four real Triceratops on display in the world. But in 1977, the expansion of a new building caused the dinosaur to begin developing hairline cracks in the fossilized bone. After soliciting the help of H.B. Fuller scientists, chemist Dick Steinke recommended a formula that would fill the cracks and prevent crystal formation, and spent long hours injecting the adhesive into each of the delicate cracks. Today, over 40 years later, the Triceratops remains one of the museums most prized possessions, and stands as one of many examples of how we’re using high-tech innovations to help preserve scientific artifacts through collaboration and partnership opportunities. 

3. Sustainable Drinking Practices

With an estimated 8.3 billion straws polluting the world’s beaches, it’s little wonder why sustainable drinking practices are top of mind. But while paper straws might be the clear alternative to plastic straws, they have a tendency to break down quickly when left in fluids and are expensive to produce. We set out to provide the tools to make a straw that can be used safely, thrown away, and broken down in a landfill. The solution was the Swift®tak 5625, a water-based adhesive that’s specially designed to be water resistant and excellent at binding paper. Now, this food safe solution helps maintain straw integrity while consumers enjoy their beverages.

4. REACH Advocates in the European Union

The regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, or REACH, exists in the European Union to help protect human health and the environment while ensuring a well-functioning internal market. It requires chemical companies to describe the impact of the chemicals they manufacture, and to manage their risks. And, while the third deadline may have passed in May 2018, by completing the transition period for substance registration, we are passionate about continuing to take actions that ensure our products are safe for the environment, our customers, consumers and our colleagues.

5. ADAS for the Automotive Industry

Given the increasing demand for vehicle automation and self-driving cars, we’re excited to offer adhesives and sealants for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, or ADAS, safety solutions designed to provide a more responsive driving experience. Our ever-expanding lineup of engineered adhesive solutions can meet the evolving needs of device performance and production efficiency, including cameras, radar, lidar, lane departure and ACC.

6. Automated Adhesive Delivery

By introducing Industry 4.0 solutions to their facilities, hygiene and nonwovens manufacturers can make informed business decisions in real-time. In 2019, we launched our Industry 4.0 solution, FreeFlow™ Automated Adhesive Delivery System. This system was designed to handle adhesive pillows of Full-Care proprietary technology in large capacity supersacks. FreeFlow addresses key market trends that are affecting nonwovens manufacturers.

7. Helping E-grocers Tackle Concerns

As more consumers around the globe shop online, the need for high-performing adhesives and frustration-free packaging is essential for retailers and manufacturers. Knowing that, we set to design superior food product packaging, which is in a unique position to help E-grocers tackle consumer concerns with online grocery shopping. Our unique packaging innovations make online grocery shopping more attractive for both retailers and consumers. By reducing packaging weight, right-sizing packages so they take up less space, and protecting products from damage, converters can help shoppers overcome their reluctance to purchase groceries online.

8. Fit-to-Purpose Packaging

Historically, shipping boxes fulfilled product orders that were one-size-fits-all. Many packages shipped are at least double the size of the actual product inside, resulting in excessive material, air and cushioning being shipped alongside the merchandise – and an increase in freight, costs, and carbon footprint. Fortunately, as more automated, cut-to-size packaging lines now allow for less material waste and optimized freight costs, we’re able to collaborate with customers at the testing and design stages, while developing reliable adhesives solutions for fit-to-purpose packaging to meet their expectations.

9. Energy Efficient Reactive Thermoplastic Spacer

Our Ködispace 4SG Warm Edge Spacer System is the premier solution for both commercial and residential applications. Characterized by high energy efficiency, superior gas retention, and an automated process resulting in more precise spacer placement, Ködispace 4SG is currently the only reactive thermoplastic spacer system available. The automated manufacturing process allows manufacturers to create beautiful, energy-efficient windows. Labor costs are reduced due to the highly automated application process, and the insulating glass life expectancy is more than 40 years.

10. Post and Pole Installation

Our post and pole installation products and applications for the building and construction industry are designed to quickly and effectively help contractors, technicians and DIYers everywhere better set poles and posts. The two-component kits can be easily mixed in just a few seconds and poured inside the holes. Within 15 minutes, installers can mount hardware, start building a fence, a deck, or begin installing mailboxes, signs, satellite dishes, and even hardware and cables on utility poles. The products do not require water and also provide waterproof protection to the posts and poles.

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