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7 questions to ask your adhesives manufacturer

Questions to Ask Your Adhesives Manufacturer

Posted 31 Mar 2020 by Ted Clark, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Adhesives are a critical part of the manufacturing process. But selecting the right adhesive isn’t as simple
as buying an out-of-the-box solution, as each application has unique uses and requirements. When
engineered for the job, a custom adhesive provides a longer lasting, stronger, lighter, and more reliable
It all starts with partnering with a skilled adhesives manufacturer with the expertise necessary to design
a solution that’s suited to your needs. But not all manufacturers are the same. Before selecting an
adhesives manufacturer, you should be researching their global footprint, services, R&D capabilities, and
industry expertise. 
Consider asking these seven questions.
1. Are they global?
Start by asking if the manufacturer has a global presence. Choosing a global company is choosing a
company with a broad sourcing network. This ensures a consistent adhesives supply, in addition to the
peace of mind that comes with knowing they have more than one facility. It also means that they likely
have experience working with industry trends and are able to share practices across all business units, to
name a few.
At H.B. Fuller, though we’re headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, we have 38 technology centers around the world with over 500 field-based technical experts. We also have 73 manufacturing facilities and sell in more than 125 countries, guaranteeing a fast, high-quality product without delays and bottlenecks.
 Luneburg Adhesive Academy
2. What does the service after purchase look like?
Next, look for how the adhesive manufacturer treats service after the purchase. A strong technical
support team can expedite troubleshooting problems that arise with a new product, maximizing
productivity and decreasing downtime.
At H.B. Fuller, we approach services with process improvement programs, such as Lean Six Sigma
Black/Green belts and 8D Problem Solvers, as well as our global network of state-of-the-art R&D
facilities and have technical service specialists in all the regions we operate.
3. Can they customize an adhesive?
Ask the manufacturer about their ability to customize products. For many applications, a cookie cutter
solution won’t get the job done. For example, H.B. Fuller has a global R&D team of experts in all
segments and markets that work to develop solutions that meet evolving needs and enable innovation.
4. Do they know my business?
Choosing less than the best can cost your business in the long run. Consider whether the choice
manufacturer is both an adhesives expert and an expert in your industry, as working with an expert in
both will provide a better end product that performs as needed.
5. How do they stay on top of trends?
Choose a leader who stays on top of trends. As industries continue to evolve with rapid advances in
technology, businesses will need flexible and responsive partners that understand the part they play.
Adhesives are no different — choosing a relevant manufacturer is choosing a solution that tailors
current products and considers future trends in their work.
H.B. Fuller, for example, makes sure to stay on top of innovation in industries through joining reputable
associations and studying trends as they emerge.
6. How do they test their adhesives?
It’s important to ask your potential adhesives manufacturer how they test their end products.
Quality assurance helps prevent future problems, from receiving the wrong order to a poorly designed product.
7. What certifications do they hold?
Lastly, check what certifications your adhesives manufacturer has, as working with businesses that are
focused on quality, ethics, sustainability, and safety can directly boost your public perception and
mission. For example, H.B. Fuller may have extensive global capabilities, and we also have the
certifications to ensure safer products for customers, safer business practices for employees, and an
overall safer business for the world.
When it comes to selecting an adhesives manufacturer, it’s important to ask the above questions to gain a
comprehensive understanding of the breadth of their capabilities. At H.B. Fuller, we have more than
130 years of experience with a truly global presence. We are passionate about creating tailored end

products that exceed expectations, and innovating new ways to solve the problems of the future. 

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