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Weldmount adhesive application with glue gun

Replacing Mechanical Fasteners with Adhesive Systems

Posted 26 Oct 2020 by Mark Porter, Knut Goeke, Lei Zhang

Manufacturers are more than comfortable using traditional mechanical fasteners in joining materials. In the construction of some products, however, this method may not be the most practical. In certain assemblies, using mechanical fasteners can limit options for materials, lead to eventual fatigue, and drive up labor, processing, and material costs. Using adhesives instead allows manufacturers to use lighter, thinner materials, increase strength and durability of bonds, and increase productivity while reducing assembly times.

Adhesives are an excellent alternative to mechanical fasteners in:

  • Industrial Assembly
  • Marine Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Automotive
  • Electrical Apparatus Applications
  • Heavy Machinery…. and many more

Attach parts to almost anything, anywhere.

Weld Mount Adhesively Bonded Fastening Systems, part of the H.B. Fuller product range, are a unique line of fasteners that can be easily installed without extensive training, including floating nut plates, studs, standoffs, wire tie mounts, nylon strap mounts, and cable and hose clamps. When mounted with our non-sag adhesives, these fasteners can attach to almost any horizontal, vertical, or overhead surface. Ideal in difficult to access locations, our adhesives create permanent structural bonds that provide excellent tensile strength in 12-45 minutes, depending on the adhesive used.

Adhesive application

Weld Mount fastener application

In addition, Weld Mount Systems eliminate the high labor, repair, and delay costs associated with mechanical fasteners due to:

  • Rigging drilling equipment into vertical or overhead locations
  • Drilling and tapping into thick metal substrates
  • Drilling and tapping that leads to leak paths in thin substrates
  • Exposing the core of a composite to moisture
  • Blocking to mount components
  • Procedure preparation, reviews, and approval processes
  • Welding safety reviews and fire watch
  • Metal warpage and discoloration correction

Prevent damage and provide safer solutions. 

Because our Weld Mount Systems attach without drilling or tapping, there’s no chance of leak paths or eventual thread failure. In marine applications, our systems are used to mount deck components to the hull of cored fiberglass boats, eliminating the danger of delamination due to water intrusion. Hot rod and custom car builders use our wire ties for running wire bundles, and our stainless studs and clamps for mounting brake lines. And, in the flooring and shells of mass transit vehicles (which are built with increasingly lightweight composites), adhesive fasteners are used to eliminate holes that could weaken panels over time.

Our systems are also ideal for working in hazardous locations where explosions could occur, or where drilling and tapping or welding are not always possible, practical, or desirable. In industrial applications, our adhesive fasteners are used to mount conduits, electrical panels, and I&C equipment in locations such as waste water treatment plants or refineries. Electrical apparatus manufacturers use our wire tie mounts in the construction of electrical distribution panels. And, in the oil industry, our fasteners replace welding in petrochemical applications.   

Parts (and tools) for every part of the job.

Made of corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel, and available in several thread and base sizes, lengths, and weights, our floating nutplates, blind thread standoffs, and panel, threaded, and heavy studs provide a permanent, high strength bond when mounted with our adhesives.

Our range of black, white, and aluminum base wire tie mounts allow for wire tie sizes from 5mm to 8.5mm wide and have an average pull strength from 22kg to 68kg, while our solid aluminum wire tie mount has a tensile strength of 113 kg. Rated for weight over 136 kg, our paintable, black nylon strap mounts are ideal for heavy hose and cable mounting, and battery, tank, and other tie down applications. Our black polypropylene cable and hose clamps (available as single clamps, but can be double upon request) mount with our studs for a neat installation and are temperature rated for -30 °C to +90 °C.

Adhesive application on crane cables

Weld Mount cable application

Specially formulated to hold all Weld Mount parts on most metal and substrate surfaces, vertically or overhead, our AT-2010 acrylic adhesive cures within 6 minutes and reaches working strength within 15 minutes. Our AT-8040 no slide multi bonder adhesive provides excellent adhesion between metal surfaces, including aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and plated steels. It will hold parts on vertical surfaces with a working time of four minutes, and reach working strength (greater than 3.500 PSI) within 45 minutes.

For dispensing our adhesives, we offer also the best fitting equipment like dispenser guns and mixing tips.

Adhesive gun set with parts

Weld Mount adhesive gun kit

Let’s work together to find what works for you.

At H.B. Fuller, we’re committed to partnering with our customers to solve their adhesive challenges in practical and cost-effective ways. Contact us today with your specific challenge to learn more about how our Weld Mount Adhesively Bonded Fastening Systems can help.

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