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Employee Spotlight: Trends in the Middle East

Posted 20 Oct 2021 by Cheryl Thomas, Global Business Director, Construction Adhesives

Employee Spotlight: Trends in the Middle East

Urbanization is expanding rapidly in fast-developing areas of the Middle East. This growth also has increased the demand for green solutions, affecting manufacturing, construction and infrastructure. Economic growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is on track to make a 5.6% recovery from pandemic-related economic strain. And, one of H.B. Fuller’s employees, Middle East Business Manager Senthil Viswanathan offers expert advice to both customers and colleagues across the region.

Senthil predicts that the region will continue to grow at rapid rates, offering employees significant opportunities to develop professionally and build successful careers at H.B. Fuller. The construction market in GCC countries is one example of high-growth markets served by the adhesives and sealants industry, which is due to primarily to the influx of high-rise buildings and the associated infrastructure-related complexity these structures create.

H.B. Fuller’s solutions for the construction industry position us well to drive growth globally, and it’s people like Senthil who are helping to drive our success with customers across the Middle East.

Innovation and Expertise in the Middle East and GCC Countries

Experts, like Senthil and his team, have established a firm footing in the region and are working closely with customers to leverage our adhesives and sealants solutions to support modern, urban design and construction, building automation, and IoT (Internet of Things). H.B. Fuller’s teams are bringing high-performance solutions that address climate change through sustainable construction, making them critical to durable- and consumer-goods manufacturing.

Green buildings have become one of the Middle East’s top priorities as government standards for energy-efficient buildings have increased steadily, and, at H.B. Fuller, we support these evolving priorities with our proven solutions.

As Senthil says, “H.B. Fuller’s products help solve complex problems. They perform well and can support customers’ sustainability goals." For instance, H.B. Fuller's new Foster 30-36 HF coatings for HVAC ducts are halogen free, provide excellent performance, and meet green building standards, including LEED.

Builders are benefitting every day from investing in innovative and progressive energy solutions in the Middle East. Eco-friendly standards accommodate increasing government regulations, and they also support reduced energy usage and cost. Senthil believes that, by leveraging our expert technical and commercial teams, we are committed to understanding our Middle Eastern customers’ needs, providing tailor-made solutions to meet unique requirements, and enabling them to deal with complex market scenarios to achieve their goals.

For example, our chemists work closely with H.B. Fuller commercial experts, like Senthil and his team, to understand important customer requirements, including fire safety, indoor air quality, low-VOC content, and a range of performance attributes.

H.B. Fuller Commands Global Markets

When companies want to raise their standing in the market, H.B. Fuller products can help reinforce product strengths and capabilities. We have 72 manufacturing sites in 38 countries, which means we have the global reach to help our customers consistently source high-performing, reliable adhesive and sealant products. Our supply chain is built on strong relationships with key raw material suppliers around the world, and our expertise and deep insight into developing market trends put us in a position to partner with our customers to solve whatever challenges they may face.

Employee Passions Fuel Innovation and Insights

Senthil Viswanathan

In the GCC and across the Middle East, Senthil’s team is building substantial momentum as it serves the construction market, specifically for H.B. Fuller’s Utilities and Infrastructure (U&I) segment. They work closely with customers to deliver HVAC applications for residential, commercial, infrastructure construction, and cryogenic insulation for the oil and gas industry.

H.B. Fuller’s Foster®- and Childers™-branded solutions adhere, seal, coat, encapsulate, remove, and generally enhance the performance of thermal insulation materials and systems. They work well in thermal sensitive spaces and provide cryogenic protection. These materials create robust support against intrusive elements that could diminish performance without essential protective construction materials.

Role Models Make H.B. Fuller a Great Place to Work

It is our leaders and our connections to employees, customers and other key stakeholders that are driving H.B. Fuller’s success. Senthil Viswanathan, for example, inspires his colleagues across the Middle East. He has a strong belief in creating a mutually beneficial business environment for stakeholders. And, he credits the mentors and leaders who have shown him how to be exceptional in diverse markets with his success. In turn, he has shared those values as a leader.

H.B. Fuller Harnesses Global Capabilities

It’s been nearly two years since we first heard about COVID-19, and since then, the pandemic has shaped how we interact with employees, customers, suppliers and our communities. And, we maintain our strong values, customer focus, and commitment to our teams throughout. There are dozens of stories where our company was able to step up to serve a customer when others could not because of our employees’ dedication and can-do approach. The pandemic bought us closer to our distributors, customers, and vendors. It demonstrated that we operate in one big ecosystem, and we all have to do our part to support each other.

Customer feedback and communication create loyalty to H.B. Fuller and our product brands. We continue to work closely with our customers and community partners across GCC markets and the Middle East to move “first and fastest,” growing with them, particularly in infrastructure, and commercial and residential construction.

We build strong, collaborative partnerships, so customers have precisely what they need, exactly when they need it. Contact us to see how we can kickstart the projects you want to take on, knowing that, with H.B. Fuller, you have expert partner you need to achieve your goals.

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