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Dr. Christian Scherer: Expert in Glass Products for Construction

Posted 19 Aug 2021 by Jason Douglas, Global Business Director, Glass

Dr. Christian Scherer: Expert in Glass Products for Construction

Today, we see insulating glass, laminating glass, and glass façades in construction support the global push for energy conservation and increasing standards for green construction included in building codes. Across the globe, governments have pushed to meet environmental concerns with stricter requirements. Glass in construction now needs to include energy efficient, sustainable materials because there is strong demand for glass that is multi-functional.

The European, North American, and Asia Pacific markets lead this trend with all of the regions prioritizing sustainable construction. As sustainable construction has become so important in recent years, it has challenged technicians in this field to push toward a more sustainable and transparent mode of construction.

Dr. Scherer’s Start

Dr. Christian Scherer

Dr. Scherer began his career at Kömmerling in 2010. First working as a laboratory manager, he helped Kömmerling with R&D and then switched to business development in 2014.

His work in the H.B. Fuller family began in 2017, when Kömmerling and H.B. Fuller joined. Dr. Scherer now works as Head of Business Development in Glass at H.B. Fuller, responsible for promoting innovative technologies of smart glass, façades, and structural glazing for H.B. Fuller worldwide. His work contributes to the use of higher performance façades in construction and helps builders in adhering to building codes tied to energy usage, boosting energy efficiency across several applications in construction.

Innovations in Glass for Construction

As a versatile professional, Dr. Scherer works with our extensive R&D team to enhance customers’ products in the design of laminating glass, insulating glass, structural glazing, glass façades and functional glass with polymeric interlayers, like embedding LED into media glass. Technology in glass products for construction will continue to develop as the emphasis on energy-efficiency evolves. These developments will improve the function and performance of glass used by the construction industry.

Dr. Scherer reports that combining structural glazing façades with products, like Ködispace 4SG, enables long-term performance in construction, and this combination adds multiple functions to installed elements. The warm edge spacer Ködispace 4SG (awarded the ASC Innovation Award in 2020) lowers heat loss, in turn lowering energy costs, while also creating more comfortable living conditions and reducing the potential for mold spores to cause health conditions.

Dr. Christian Scherer

With so many possibilities for new technology in the glass construction space, Dr. Scherer will be busy rolling out the next innovations in the market with no shortage of opportunities to exercise his expertise.

A World Traveler and Expert

Dr. Scherer analyzes market developments and new business plans on a daily basis and evaluates new market opportunities, coordinating product management and sales with specialists throughout the industry. In doing so, he generates strategic guidelines for the company as well as developing the expertise to give lectures and publish in scientific journals. Through these actions, he uncovers new areas for growth.

The addition of hurricane impact resistance to building codes and increased emphasis on the benefits of daylighting are just two of the opportunities available for expanding glass technology. Dr. Scherer takes opportunities like these to think about new and innovative insulating glass projects.

In his private life, traveling and getting to know new people and cultures is one of his greatest passions. He’s been to five of the seven continents and 43 U.S. states, and he plans on visiting all continents and states and as many regions as possible. In addition, Dr. Scherer has jogged more miles than he put on his car in 2020: a total of over 3,000 miles more.

Innovate with H.B. Fuller

With dedicated experts like Dr. Scherer on our side, we are positioned to lead in the field of glass in construction. We can show how to best use our products without taking up time on your production lines. In addition, specialists are here to make sure you have the solutions you need. Contact us to see how we can help you make energy efficient glass products for your next project.

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