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Trends Affecting the Baby and Adult Diaper Industry

Posted 16 Dec 2020 by Andrew Michel, Research Scientist, Personal Care Solutions

Consumer preferences can dramatically affect the hygiene market. This is especially true for baby and adult diapers. Buyers expect the design of disposable hygiene articles to be sleeker, safer, and smarter, just like other consumer goods. Here are the trends that are challenging manufacturers to rethink baby and adult diapers.

Graphic Prints

Brands like Hello Bello and The Honest Company have introduced unique, elaborate designs in their line of diapers and training pants. There are seasonal and limited edition patterns, in addition to classic patterns with animals, food, and more. There are even options to create personalized diapers. Diaper manufacturer are listening to their buyers’ requests for designs that elevate the aesthetic of the articles.

Safety and Sustainability

As consumers become more informed on the origin and construction of their goods, there is increased demand for diapers to be made with natural materials and without harmful chemicals. In addition to ensuring these articles are safe for babies, consumers want assurance that these materials are safe for our planet. The global baby diapers market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% by 2025, due in part to this consumer demand.

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Smart Sensors

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made the connection of devices we use every day possible, and hygiene articles are no exception to this application. Brands, like Pampers, have introduced smart diapers, which have a sensor that attaches to the diaper and notifies the caretaker upon insult.

As a leading global adhesives provider to the hygiene market, we are continually evaluating market trends and developing products that meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers.

Addressing Trends with Full-Care® 9550 Clear-to-Blue Wetness Indicator

To address recent demands, H.B. Fuller has introduced the next generation wetness indicator, Full-Care® 9550. This diaper wetness indicator is completely clear, until insult, when it changes to vibrant blue.

Baby diaper illustration

Graphic Prints

A clear wetness indicator allows companies to create elaborate designs on the article without diminishing the aesthetics with a yellow stripe. For our Full-Care 9500 and 9550 wetness indicators, the stripe will maintain its shape definition and not bleed out or wick away over time. This is a benefit to brands that are prioritizing design with the function of diapers and training pants.

Safety and Sustainability

Full-Care 9550 does not contain fragrances or colophony, which may cause skin irritation. It also does not use halogenated dye molecules, compounds (AOX), or azo dyes. These compounds are toxic and not environmentally-friendly due to their breakdown. We understand the concerns consumers have for their babies and our environment, and we use our position as the adhesives experts to select formulas that are safe for both.

Smart Sensors

With Full-Care 9550, the rate of change, from clear to blue, is nearly instantaneous. Traditional wetness indicator technology can take up to five minutes for the color change to occur, while Full-Care 9550 takes 30 seconds or less. This faster rate of change is especially favorable for long-term care facility residents. With a quicker change rate, nurses are more likely to see the transition of the wetness indicator on a resident who has very recently insulted an article. Also, with the striking clear-to-blue color difference, there is no uncertainty about whether the article needs to be changed.

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