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Safer Battery, Lighter Battery Pack and Greener Future

Posted 20 Mar 2018 by Stephen Neuman, Senior Business Development Manager, Transportation

H.B Fuller’s Innovative Solution for Electric Vehicle Battery Module Crash Protection

The transition to electric vehicle (EV) technologies that began only a decade ago is now gaining momentum globally and holds promise for a low-emission future. EV manufacturers are tirelessly striving to offer consumers higher performance electric cars every year. With the constant push for increased range, charge densities of battery modules continue to increase. Thermal management and structural designs continue to break new ground - with safety a constant priority. To empower EV proliferation around the world - designers must constantly resolve the challenges of battery safety - crash worthiness, occupant / first responder safety, and fire prevention.

H.B. Fuller’s patent-pending EV Protect 4006, our latest innovation for battery module protection in electric vehicle applications, improves battery module performance. It also provides battery stability in vehicle collisions, allowing EV battery manufacturers to produce a safer product for consumers and first responders. Some key benefits of this adhesive solution include:

  1. Increased impact protection for battery modules. The latest results from customer trials and independent laboratory testing demonstrate the product to be highly effective at increasing impact resistance from collisions or road projectiles.
  2. Kinetic energy containment from initiating cell failures. When battery cells fail, the reaction within a battery module can be extremely violent. For example, resulting explosions and extreme heat could damage adjacent cells in the modules. Absorption of this initial energy release, enabled by EV Protect 4006, is critical to preventing catastrophic failure of the module or pack.
  3. Thermal runaway prevention. Independent laboratory testing results also confirm this product to be effective for preventing additional battery cells from igniting in a cascading effect, commonly known as thermal runaway.
  4. Reduced weight. This product is a very low density foam that can result in an 85-percent weight reduction when compared to other encapsulation methods.

EV Protect 4006 is a game-changing solution for an industry-wide concern - lithium ion battery safety. Impact resistance and thermal runaway protection is a critical safety consideration for all OEMs. Vehicles equipped with this solution will provide increased safety for all occupants and first responders. Laboratory nail penetration testing shows EV Protect 4006 to be effective at stopping thermal runaway from occurring.


Chart: Nail Penetration Testing – Swift®Bond  4006FR

Nail Penetration Testing – EV Protect 4006

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