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H.B. Fuller India CSR team brought relief and aid to affected regions from monsoons.

Making a Difference in India

Posted 22 Sep 2019 by Team CSR, H.B. Fuller India

Monsoons in India are a source of joy as they usually bring much awaited relief to dry and parched lands. They fill up dams and sources of drinking water, provide water for irrigation of crops, and help usher in green cover of foliage. However, their temperamental nature also spells different kinds of disasters every year. A less-than-average monsoon brings the fear of drought and its subsequent socio-economic impact, and excessive rains during monsoon season, bring floods and loss of life and property.

This year, many parts of India have been affected by heavier than usual rains during the Southwest monsoons. A number of states have reported flooding, with a death toll above 200 and massive property damage. In Maharashtra, one of the badly affected states, three districts faced flood fury, with many villages being submerged, thousands of human beings displaced and huge damage to property, crops, livestock and farmland.

Identifying the need of the hour to support the flood-affected regions, our employees came together to drive a support initiative through H.B. Fuller’s corporate social responsibility program. They reached out to the closest affected district and attempted to understand what support had already been provided, and what was needed immediately. Upon hearing from the local municipal body, they understood that the imminent threat to the area was the onset of disease and epidemics due to an acute shortage of medical supplies. After consulting with an experienced medical practitioner, a list of medical supplies was created, and the team commenced the process of purchasing the much-needed items. Working fast, they soon gathered the necessary provisions, which consisted of numerous broad-spectrum anti-biotics and other over-the-counter medicines that were then safely packed and dispatched to the municipal district.

A focused attempt to help where it matters is what we strive to achieve with our corporate social responsibility. At H.B. Fuller, we constantly encourage employees to engage in activities that will provide immediate as well as long lasting benefits to the society and community. Thanks to the diligent efforts of several employees coming together, one of the worst affected regions in the district will have access to urgent and necessary medical supplies.

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