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H.B. Fuller Celebrates Customer Service Week 2019

Posted 07 Oct 2019 by H.B. Fuller, Business Development Manager

At H.B. Fuller, we believe in the importance of honoring those who serve our customers on a daily basis. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate Customer Service Week — because it gives us the opportunity to recognize the importance of service excellence.

We understand that our long-standing customer relationships are our organizational cornerstone and that our superior customer service is a competitive advantage. Our Customer Service Team, with representation across the globe, is dedicated to ensuring positive experiences for our clients throughout their engagement with H.B. Fuller.

When asked what good customer service means to them, here’s what some of our team members are saying:

Global customer service team for H.B. Fuller.

“Good customer service means making others’ needs a top priority to ensure any issues are resolved and requirements are met in a timely and exceptional manner in order to develop a relationship that can last for years to come."

—Nick, United States

“Good customer service means helping the customer with placing orders and helping with issues. It is doing this with a positive attitude even if the customer is upset. Putting yourself in their shoes and understanding where they are coming from. Doing it right every time.”

—Diane, United States

"It means finding ways to win, both for our customers and our company. This may be through a personal connection with a customer on a favorite sports team, or helping them with a hasty expedited shipment. When you can provide the dependability they can count on, and do so while connecting with the customer, it creates a winning relationship that will last." 

—Marty, United States

“For me, accountability, carefulness, patience and communication skills are very important as a Customer Service Specialist. We work with quite a lot of departments within the company. We also connect with the customers every day. We are the bridge between the internal and the external.”

—Fiann, China

“It is about considering every interaction with the customer as an opportunity to improve their perception about the company by fulfilling their needs and exceeding their expectations.”

—Cristina, Colombia

“Commitment and empathy for the customer.”

—Johanna, Argentina

“To delight our customers and ensure they return to us, knowing that our service is reliable and helpful for their businesses.”

—Gabriela, Latin America

“The customer is and always will be our priority.”

—Luis, México

“Good customer service is providing our internal and external customers with the best service for their needs, with education and with courtesy, and going the extra mile in solving their problems and providing 100-percent satisfaction.”

—Jacqueline, Chile

“It is a pleasure to establish relationships with our customers and exceed expectations with excellent service — responsive, kind, clear and effective.”

—Laís, Brazil

“It means satisfying customers’ needs and creating relationships where they have confidence in us.”

—Paula, Brazil

“The soul of our service is understanding the customer's primary needs and doing our best to make it possible. Our customers’ success is our success.”

—Adriana, Brazil

“Customer service is a culture, where all areas of the company work together to offer a service experience that exceeds expectations.”

—Marcela, Latin America

“Good customer service is answering the phone with a smile, having a friendly and helpful demeanor, and having the interest to go above and beyond for a customer when needed. It’s the little things like making a call to see if they received their order or emailing them back with a confirmation that their order was received.”

—Kristy, Australia/New Zealand

“Customer service is about how you are taking care of your customers’ needs by helping them solve their queries. In short you treat your customers like you would want to be treated.”

—Sheela, India

“Good customer service is making customers aware of what you can do for them so they will want to continue doing business with your organization.”

—Akhilesh, India

“To give customers timely responses to their queries.”

—Prayag, India

“Good customer service consists of identifying the customer’s requirements and fulfilling their needs as a priority.”

—Radha, India

“Customer service is a bridge between the customers and the organization. The stronger the pillars, the stronger the relations.”

—Nitin, India

“Customer service is the backbone of every organization, which helps to stabilize day-to-day movements and plays a vital role between the organization and its customers.”

—Neeta, India

See for Yourself

We believe that providing superior customer service is as important as providing superior products. We are excited to recognize our stellar global Customer Service Team and look forward to their continued success.

Discover for yourself how great our Customer Service Team is by contacting them today.

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