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Inventors Den at the Science Museum of Minnesota sponsored by H.B. Fuller.

Homegrown Innovation: Celebrating and Inspiring New STEM Ideas

Posted 18 Jul 2019 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

H.B. Fuller is a company built on the power of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and innovative new ideas. In order to continue solving our customers’ problems with the newest technologies, we recognize the importance of partnering with our communities around the world to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and inventors.

One of our longest partnerships is with the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Science Museum works to inspire learners and highlight the power of science to make lives better. As part of our ongoing partnership, H.B. Fuller has funded research and exhibits, including the recent Cardboard Engineering Gallery, our CFO serves on the board of trustees of the Science Museum, and H.B. Fuller adhesives were even used to repair cracks in the Museum’s Triceratops skeleton.

H.B. Fuller innovation at the Minnovation Gallery at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Local Innovations, Global Impact

This year, we are proud to support Minnovation – the Science Museum’s celebration of STEM innovations in Minnesota. As part of the Minnovation Showcase, H.B. Fuller has featured three of our own innovative products: spacers and sealants that help create energy efficient windows, adhesives for lighter and more absorbent hygiene products, and the epoxy that was used to protect the Museum’s Triceratops. The Minnovation Showcase offers many examples of how STEM innovation has truly changed the world.

Tomorrow’s Innovations

As part of Minnovation, the Inventing Genius exhibit showcases the work of Leonardo da Vinci and the 101 greatest inventions of all time. Within the exhibit, H.B. Fuller has sponsored the Inventors’ Den, a space where younger visitors can explore self-directed, hands-on invention activities. Creative approaches to STEM education are an important way to spark interest in science and engineering careers – potentially leading to the next generation of H.B. Fuller innovators!

“At the Science Museum, we want to show our visitors that we all have the power to use science to make lives better,” says Alison Rempel Brown, president and CEO of the Science Museum of Minnesota. “This summer’s Inventing Genius exhibition, paired with the Minnovation Showcase, will do just that. Visitors of all ages will marvel at the creativity of great thinkers from around the world and throughout time, and they’ll see at the impact that their creations have made on us as a society. Then, they’ll take a look at the inventions and creations that began in our own backyard and made lives better for people around the world. They’ll be inspired by what they see.”

Visit Minnovation at the Science Museum this summer to learn about the world’s most important innovations, local breakthroughs, and even to get inspired to develop your own innovation!

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