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 state-of-the-art shopping center in Australia

4SG Thermoplastic Spacer—An Architect’s Dream

Posted 23 Apr 2019 by Herb Lulf, Architect

Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne, Australia Photographer: Aaron Pocock 


As an architect, you care about making your designs a reality to please your customers, so it’s critical that you have design freedom. Unfortunately, you know first-hand that the saying “an architect’s dream is an engineer’s nightmare” is often the case—your ambitious vision can clash with the realities of building construction, especially when it comes to windows.


Fortunately, H.B. Fuller’s Ködispace 4SG thermoplastic spacer is the premier solution for both commercial and residential applications, allowing for unparalleled flexible design freedom. It accommodates multiple shapes, jumbo units and cold bent units. Additionally, it’s a more visually appealing insulating glass option, and is the most advanced window glass sealant solution, so you can be confident that you’re including only the most long-lasting, beautiful, and energy-efficient windows in your designs.


The Details


With an ever-increasing environmentally conscientious market, you also care that you only recommend products that are both energy-efficient and support LEED certification. 4SG is a gas-tight, warm edge solution and has lower thermal conductivity compared to conventional aluminum spacer bars. Lower heat loss leads to lower heating costs, reduction of CO2 emissions and reduced environmental impact.


You’re also concerned about the performance of products you recommend, as you want to ensure that they maintain their integrity through even the most stressful circumstances. 4SG complies with ASTM E2190 and EN 1279 standards.


Finally, as you consider the use of 4SG in your designs, you likely want a portfolio of current application examples, including numerous structures around the globe. We have multiple reference buildings (one of which is a state-of-the-art shopping center in Australia with a 260-meter-long glass roof (pictured above) in a wide range of climates. 4SG has stood the tests of environmental changes and has strong resiliency and high elasticity, with a product global temperature performance ranging from -40 degrees F to 203 degrees F.


With the Ködispace 4SG thermoplastic spacer - currently the only reactive system available -  you will have more precise spacer placement, reduced labor costs due to the highly automated application process, and a long service life (the insulating glass life expectancy is greater than 40 years).


Learn more about all that the 4SG thermoplastic spacer has to offer, and get started on beautiful applications that utilize the most advanced window glass sealant solution today.


Ready to start? Contact the experts at H.B. Fuller.

Herb Lulf, Architect using 4SG in his designs.  Herb Lulf Signature

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