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Advantra® 9280 – An Adhesive for All Seasons

Posted 04 Jul 2018 by Harsh Gupta, Regional GM, India

Driven by a booming economy, growing urbanization and an increasing proportion of middle-class consumers, India’s organized retail and e-commerce markets are set to take off. Retail revenue alone is expected to increase at an annual rate of 12 per cent and double to $3.6 trillion by 2020. With India predicted to become the world’s most populous nation by 2050, these numbers are only likely to grow – helping cement Asia’s place as the world’s leading packaging consumer.

Of course, behind all this consumer spending is packaging, with some of the most innovative end-of-line packaging adhesives helping to hold together the thriving packaging market expected to be worth $73 billion by 2020. That’s why we’re expanding our footprint in India and connecting clever adhesive thinking with tomorrow’s packaging needs.

Heat, huge demand and quickly evolving packaging trends – the Indian packaging market does present its own unique challenges. Challenges for which – we’re pleased to say – our new Advantra® 9280 end-of-line packaging adhesive is more than ready. This product has been designed to improve the overall quality, safety and efficiency of India’s packing operations, while providing great value. 

The innovative Advantra® 9280 is formulated to withstand extreme ambient temperatures, making it a great choice not only for India’s hot conditions but for deep-freeze storage. Its polyolefin raw material base also has a lower density and improved adhesion compared to common EVA based hot melts, meaning lower rejection rates and more packages sealed with less adhesive. As well as helping to cut costs, these efficiencies improve sustainability – both of which are crucial factors in a booming market requiring fast runs and high performance.

All these attributes are underpinned by fast setting and precise application. Even in high-speed runs, the adhesive leaves minimal stringing, enabling the lines to run more smoothly and consistently for longer periods. The result is accurate bead size and placement, with less of the char and gel build-up that typically blocks tank and glue nozzles.

Another great quality of Advantra® 9280 is its versatility – especially important given India’s evolving and varied packaging trends. It performs well, for instance, with METPET, PET, OPP and PE laminated cartons, offering superior adhesion properties to those of its competitors on difficult packaging substrates. It also gives great results with varnished surfaces and metallized laminates, as well as reinforced lightweight cardboards with grease resistance or migration barriers. New material designs and increased proportions of recycled materials are therefore no longer a problem.

Advantra® 9280 is your adhesive for all seasons. Formulated for the most extreme ambient temperatures, it is set to meet growing demand for trouble-free bonding: all the way from the packing line to the end of the supply chain – and beyond. Contact us today to discover more.

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