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High-Performance Next Generation Adhesives for Headlamp Bonding

High-Performance Next Generation Adhesives for Headlamp Bonding

Posted 28 Mar 2017 by Jason Lenhart, Global Automotive Lighting Market Manager
H.B. Fuller is excited to introduce the high-performance next generation of adhesives for headlamp bonding to market. The swift®bond 2139/1 and the swift®bond 2140, both paired with the swift®hardener 2111, are two-component headlamp bonding urethane adhesive solutions, designed specifically for automotive headlamp bonding.
The adhesives exceed the most stringent global standards while bringing increased speed, stability and quality to the manufacturing process. Learn more about the product features and benefits below.

Product Features and Benefits

These products are applied at room temperature, eliminating the need for any complicated heated dispense systems in the manufacturing environment. Another significant competitive advantage offered by these products, as compared with other products in the industry, is the fogging resistance of greater than 130°C, in combination with the excellent bond strength at greater than 120°C. 
Additionally, these adhesive solutions were designed to exhibit cohesive failure during and/or after the exposure condition (hot, cold, thermal cycling, high humidity, UV, etc.), so the user is confident that the adhesive is adequately adhering to their substrate.

H.B. Fuller Is Driving Innovation

At H.B. Fuller, we continuously drive innovation so that your automobile is faster and has increased component durability. We deliver through comprehensive technical expertise—quickly, locally and personally. For more information, visit 
Also, be sure to stop by our booth (#115) at the Auto Lamp Exhibition in Shanghai from March 30-31.

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