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H.B. Fuller employees at the BCH Symposium in India.

Cooperate to Innovate in Hygiene? India Says Yes!

Posted 18 Dec 2017 by Lynne Purvis, Hygiene Marketing Manager
At the 4th edition of the Business Co-ordination House (BCH) symposium, more than 150 representatives from the Indian hygiene industry were brought together to discuss the present and future of the market. Created by technical textile industry enthusiasts, BCH aims to provide a comprehensive information platform for marketing, partner sourcing, and specific research studies.

Discussing the Future Together BCH Symposium 2017

The prevailing themes at the conference included optimizing cost and quality, and educating converters on improving line efficiencies while, at the same time, reducing waste and maximizing material use. One of the highlights was our presentation by Dr. Robert Hodgetts on pull-up pants and adhesive application cost efficiency, which was very well received, in particular by the new attendees this year.  

One Industry, Different Needs

Despite the ongoing, strong cultural barriers that make it difficult to analyze feminine consumer preferences, femcare gathers momentum as an entry point for manufacturers, since the market remains at low penetration levels and government subsidies provide opportunities for low cost producers.

Following are key learnings from the event:

  • Thinner products have the potential to grow in the market;
  • There is a need for products to last up to 12 hours due to use of only 1-2 pads a day;
  • Ease of disposal is believed to be the highest stress inducer in Indian women;
  • There is high interest in natural / bio-degradable solutions to enable safer and more sustainable ways to dispose of femcare articles.

    In the disposable baby diapers segment, the spotlight was the way pull-up-pants captured the Indian market’s imagination and compelled users to skip a whole step in the diaper experience. Fluffiness is perceived as directly connected to higher absorbency, which may be a barrier for thinner products. The same applies to the adult incontinence segment, where the need to educate consumers about thinner products is perceived as crucial.

    In addition to market-specific presentations and networking opportunities, the group recognized a number of industry champions, and addressed topics, such as government initiatives, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) needs, how to increase product and use consumer education, and the impact of e-commerce.

    By involving the entire value chain in active discussions to address shared market challenges, BCH is leveraging cross-industry cooperation to drive innovation. At H.B. Fuller, we strongly believe in this power of collaboration with our customers. Whether it’s to create a new product, improve a current product or develop a new way of manufacturing – we’re here to support you all the way.

    Find out more about how H.B. Fuller’s adhesives can help optimize your manufacturing processes, boost your product performance, and increase your brand value.

* Group photo courtesy of BCH. 

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