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Designing Your Consumer Packaging with Ecommerce and Sustainability in Mind

Posted 17 Sep 2019 by Market Managers, Packaging, Americas Adhesives

Two of the top considerations right now for packaging designers are e-commerce and sustainability. Adhesives may seem like a small player in packaging, but they can have a big influence on the consumer e-commerce experience, as well as the sustainability of packaging. Here’s how H.B. Fuller is addressing these top packaging concerns.

E-commerce Packaging Solutions

As more consumers around the globe shop online, the need for high performing adhesives and frustration-free packaging is essential for retailers and manufacturers. Our e-commerce solutions keep products safe through the demanding supply chain journey.

  • Close shipping boxes at high speed while preserving packaging aesthetics with Advantra LT® 9135, a high performance, clean-machining hot melt adhesive.
  • Reduce packaging waste, resist the threat of tears and punctures, and help preserve perishables with Flextra® flexible packaging adhesives, which control moisture, air and light from entering the contents of the package.
  • Ensure each box is using the right amount of adhesive with FullVision® Data-Analytics Service. Excess adhesive usage can cause consumer frustration when opening packages.
  • Protect products with Sesame® reinforcement tape through the demanding supply chain. Open-Sesame® tear tape provides frustration-free opening, while Close-Sesame™ converts the packaging into a return ready box, all in one.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

In support of the circular economy movement, we are committed to operating sustainably and enabling customers to improve their products and processes through solutions that help achieve their sustainability goals.

Reduce your carbon footprint throughout the supply chain:

  • Lower the basis weight of your packaging, which can reduce transportation costs, by utilizing our packaging reinforcement solutions.
  • Decrease environmentally unfriendly stretch wrap usage during the palletization process. In place of stretch wrap, our anti-skid adhesives stabilize pallets to prevent product damage, rework or employee injury during shipping and in-store merchandising.
  • Employ the smallest package-to-product ratio of any form of packaging by utilizing flexible packaging adhesives, which also reduce lamination layers.
  • Reduce food waste by using flexible packaging adhesives that help provide packaging with a protective oxygen and moisture barrier with fit-for-use films.

Reuse multi-tripped corrugated boxes twice as long with Sesame® score line reinforcement. Our Open-Sesame® technology also supports shipper-to-display box designs — two functions in one sustainable package. 

Our Advantra® advanced-performance, and low application temperature hot melts extend the life of adhesive dispensing equipment. Our flexible packaging adhesives extend food shelf life by providing durable packaging.

Recycle corrugated boxes that contain our case and carton sealing adhesives and Sesame® products. Our adhesives, tapes and strings are separated out during the Old Corrugated Container (OCC) re-pulping process, which allows the paper fiber to be fully recycled.

Renew materials with bio-based flexible packaging, adhesives that support biodegradable flexible packaging, and hot melt adhesives that contain bio-products. H.B. Fuller is committed to adding products to our portfolio that are made with renewable and bio-based materials.

Return packages easily with our Close-Sesame™ system.

Learn more about these solutions by visiting us Pack Expo. Our adhesive experts will be at booth C-3704, discussing these topics and more.

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