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Little girl from India representing trends in the hygiene and nonwovens industry.

Thinking Ahead and Investing for the Future

Posted 15 Nov 2019 by Harsh Gupta, Regional GM, India

The growth drivers – A brief look

The main challenges facing the Indian Hygiene industry are lack of awareness, cultural taboos, affordability, and market penetration. However, each issue is being addressed respectively in parts, by the industry, the government of India, and NGOs working towards improving quality of life. Aiding to these efforts, one can also see an increase in disposable income, more purchasing power of women, and rapid growth of e-commerce offering women to experiment new and alternative products, and serving as an increasingly efficient distribution platform for hygiene products. All these combined factors have contributed to a predicted CAGR of 17.9% in value and 19.9% in volume between 2018 and 2023, according to a Euromonitor report on retail hygiene.

The challenge for manufacturers

The biggest challenge Indian manufacturers face is to maintain healthy profitability while meeting this surge in demand and affordability without compromising on quality, diversifying their portfolios, and investing in innovation. That might sound like a huge undertaking, but we trust it can be accomplished with accurate information, the right product mix, and collaborating with the right partners.

  • Information & expertise – With more than 40 years of technology leadership in the hygiene market and the market leader for hygiene adhesives in India, H.B. Fuller is a storehouse of information, and we know what really matters to customers.
  • Innovation & partnership – What’s next? The answer can be simple. Partnering with experts who offer global R&D capabilities and local problem-solving power and can help deliver both the products your customers want and the end-to-end support your business needs.
  • Commitment to the future & India development – Strengthening our commitment to the Indian market, we are investing in our hot melt, pressure sensitive adhesive production capacity. This will position us to support current and future customers in India and neighboring countries as demand continues to grow.

Connect for more! Whether you are manufacturing baby-care, adult-care, fem-care or other hygiene products, you can rely on the performance of H.B. Fuller’s innovative hygiene solutions!

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