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High-Strength Alternative to Mechanical Fasteners and Welds

Discover a High-Strength Alternative to Mechanical Fasteners and Welds

Posted 29 May 2019 by Colin Bennitt, Weld Mount Product Manager

Mechanical welds, attachment points, fasteners, such as screws, rivet nuts, stud welds and through bolts, have been the go-to way of joining parts together for years. These traditional means are gradually becoming the less-preferred method behind adhesives. Reduced labor and material costs, ease of use, production efficiencies, as well as the ability to expand the area bonded are all benefits to making the switch to adhesives.


Structural advantages to adhesives

Using adhesives over mechanical fastening systems also addresses bonding a variety of substrates. When bonding dissimilar materials like metal, thermoplastics and composites and even flexible surfaces like thin plastic and metals, adhesives can create a strong bond across a large surface area, and when bonding dissimilar metals, adhesives can act as an insulator and eliminate galvanic corrosion.


In addition to using adhesives in structural bonding, adhesively-bonded fastener systems—like H.B. Fuller’s recently acquired Weld Mount— can replace mechanical fasteners in a variety of applications wherever drilling, tapping, or welding becomes labor intensive or not an option. Weld Mount adhesively-bonded fasteners help eliminate stress, water ingress, and corrosion points caused by holes or weld grinds to improve resistance to shock, vibration, fatigue, and thermal cycling.


Enhanced appearance with adhesives

When bonding substrates using adhesives and adhesively-bonded fasteners, assemblers can reduce punctures, additional attachments, protrusions, and substrate damage, creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. These adhesive alternatives can also eliminate visible welds and fasteners creating a streamlined appearance.


Weld Mount – Easy and Strong

Our Weld Mount adhesively-bonded fastener system can be easily installed without extensive training eliminating the high costs associated with welding, drilling, and tapping. Our fasteners— including wire ties, clamps, studs, standoffs, and floating nut plates—are permanently bonded using our high-strength acrylic adhesives. Our acrylic adhesives matched with these unique fasteners can create as much as 2,700 pounds of tensile strength in as little as 20 to 30 minutes as without the need for drilling, tapping or welding and are designed to adhere to almost any surface for a variety of applications including:


•    Cushion clamp and stud.

•    Metal bonding.

•    Wet fiberglass.

•    Accessory mounting.

•    Electrical wire management.

•    Battery cables.

•    Pumping and panel mounting.

•    Crane surface mounting.

•    Hydraulic lines.

•    Blower and vent attachments.


Learn more about Weld Mount, and contact an expert today to learn how to order an adhesively-bonded fastener kit for your application.

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