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Pet and Animal Product Packaging Adhesives

Posted 12 Mar 2019 by Justine Hanlon, Senior Account Manager, Tapes, Labels, and Graphics

According to the Packaged Facts U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2018-2019, pet industry sales in the U.S. reached an estimated $86 billion. The industry has shown a steady increase in recent years, due to a rise in the number of household pets and a culture shift in how consumers treat their pets. With a growing number of pet and animal products come a variety of packaging. From pinch-bottom, multiwall bags for pet food to shelf-ready opening for display-ready treats, here are our latest the pet and animal product packaging innovations.

Pinch-Bottom Multiwall Bags These bags are commonly used packaging types for dry pet food and cat litter. H.B. Fuller Traction, which is a combined water-based and hot melt dual system for pinch bottom multiwall bags, can save manufacturers up to 40 percent in adhesive costs. The breakthrough system also improves adhesive bond performance.

Watch this video to learn about H.B. Fuller Traction!

Stand-Up Pouches Premium pet food brands have increased interest in high performance laminates used to create stand-up pouches (SUP). Flexible packaging allows for high quality graphics, puncture resistance, and barrier protection for these more expensive pet products. SUPs that contain customer convenience features, such as zippered closure mechanisms, continue to be areas of growth for everyone from brand owners to converters.

Flextra® solventless adhesives deliver high performance and value to the pet and animal food market, and they are compatible with a wide range of film materials and substrates, including LLDPE, PET, metallized PET, polypropylene, nylon, and foil. Whether you’re trying to protect wet dog food or cat treats, there is a solution for every product.

Retail Ready and Easy Opening Open-Sesame® turns a regular slotted carton (RSC) into a cost-effective, shipper-to-display box. It adds clean-edge opening without distressing the package integrity. This design helps customers use less material compared to the cover and tray, two-piece shelf ready design and enables packaging to be serviceable in existing packing lines. 

By choosing high-quality adhesives and the latest packaging innovations, pet and animal product brand owners and manufacturers benefit in many ways.

  • High-performance adhesives help maintain the quality of the product.
  • Reinforcement tapes increase package strength, preventing damage and loss.
  • Adhesives expertise is key to assuring food safety.

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