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India Outlook 2019 Post Show

Hygiene Trends for the Future

Posted 27 Mar 2019 by Harsh Gupta, Regional GM, India

Organized jointly by EDANA and BCH for the first time in India, OUTLOOKTM INDIA 2019 turned out to be a highly successful platform for industry experts to meet and discuss the most pressing challenges, trends, and future of the hygiene industry in India. With more than 320 attendees from India and neighboring countries, and prominent representatives from all the major players in the industry, the event was a perfect forum for knowledge sharing.

The key trends that came under focus during the event were sustainability and recyclability, softer hygiene products, incontinence and innovation at all stages of the product life cycle.

Sustainability and Recyclability

Even as the show commenced, it was clear that sustainability was going to be a hot topic for discussion. The key takeaways from this topic were:

  • Enabling sustainability through recyclability – New technology is underway that will help manufacturers decontaminate and break down used disposable hygiene products and generate secondary raw materials from them. These raw materials, if of hygiene grade, can then be reused in producing recycled disposable hygiene products, or be used as secondary raw materials for alternate uses. Manufacturers are spending time and effort in researching alternative uses for them as well.
  • Bio-based or sustainable solutions for wipes and hygiene industry – With the recent ban on some single use plastics and the focus on green energy and lowering of carbon footprint, there were interesting discussions on alternate fabrics and nonwoven solutions for Absorbent Hygiene Products that could help in the sustainability movement, while maintaining user comfort and practicality.
  • Environmental claims guidelines – An important discussion related to the green effort was initiated by the co-organizers EDANA, who are supporting the movement with formulating a set of guidelines that will help manufacturers understand the best practices while making environmental claims, communicate their efforts effectively and reduce the impact and risk of unfounded claims.

Softer Hygiene Products

There were multiple speakers on the theme of growing demand for softer products. These ranged from adhesives for softer products, use of cotton for feminine hygiene products that provide soft and safe protection and alternative closing solutions from OEMs. Reflecting on how perception of the products has grown over the years from fulfilling basic needs, to the current stage where consumers are asking for many qualities beyond basic utility, the presenters offered solutions that would bring the products closer to the expectations of the future.


Despite being the smallest segment in the disposable hygiene market in India, the topic generated a lot of interest. Even though the Indian market at present is mostly dependent on institutional sales, the scenario will eventually undergo a paradigm shift as the acceptance for the products increases and the taboo associated with their use gradually gives way to understanding how they can promote a more dignified lifestyle.

An important note for marketers of incontinence products was to understand the significance of integrating a holistic lifestyle care for the elderly, which would take care of skin, sleep and incontinence and provide them a comfortable and dignified life.

H.B. Fuller Outlook hygiene presentation. 


The recurring theme, and the thread that tied all the trends together was Innovation. Be it in sustainable recyclability, technology, product design, or raw material substitutes, the industry understands that progress depends on innovative ideas and thinking out-of-the-box. Every discussion revolved around new technology or concepts that would help manufacturers achieve the desired traits and would provide optimal solutions.

H.B. Fuller’s contribution was recognized with Full-CareTM 6210 selected as one of only three innovations nominated for the OUTLOOKTM INDIA Innovations Award. Full-Care™ 6210 is an adhesive solution designed to deliver sanitary articles that exceed consumer performance expectations whilst meeting total-cost-in use targets to enhance producers’ profitability. Dr. Robert Hodgett’s presentation was greatly appreciated and the product generated a lot of interest at the event. If you missed us at the show, connect with us to know more about innovative adhesive solutions for hygiene products and  discover over 40 years of adhesive expertise in the hygiene market!

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