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H.B. Fuller in Brazil.

H.B. Fuller Opens New Technology Adhesive Center in Latin America

Posted 17 Jun 2019 by Salvador Alvarado, General Manager, Latin America

H.B. Fuller is excited to officially inaugurate a new business space in Brazil. Having recognized the potential in the Latin American market as a true stronghold of adhesive technology, H.B. Fuller is proud to open its new, high-tech space, which will serve as the strategic point of adhesive solutions distribution throughout Latin America.


H.B. Fuller tech center in Brazil.

After acquiring Adecol in 2017, H.B. Fuller knew that the old plant needed expanding to accommodate the company’s expected growth in Latin America. The space is both bigger and more technologically advanced, representing a major upgrade for the global adhesives manufacturer’s laboratory sector. The new structure also enables the development of new products, bringing even more innovation to the adhesive market, and includes space for a future showroom where customers will be able to see adhesive performance in practice.


The New House


The new lab is poised to cover H.B. Fuller’s wide range of adhesive technologies available in the Latin America region, both in product development and application testing. We will continue to demonstrate our value to the many markets that we serve, including packaging, labeling, graphic arts, paper converting, special assemblies, furniture, engineering adhesives, automotive, and disposable products, to name a few.


H.B. Fuller Brazil new open office concept.


The space itself is designed to foster collaboration and drive innovation through an open concept design. Because the departments are integrated, information is more easily communicated, resulting in overall faster customer response times. Additionally, the new space is equipped to facilitate customer training in an effort to improve the level of application knowledge in the industry.


At H.B. Fuller, we’re excited to further demonstrate our cutting-edge technology and high performance adhesives in the Latin American market. Contact us for more information about our offerings in Brazil.

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