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Augmenting the Automotive Aftermarket

Posted 25 Jun 2019 by Dr. Knut Göke, Head of Product Management and New Business Development for Engineering Adhesives in EIMEA

Valued at over $250 billion globally, the automotive aftermarket is anything but an afterthought. The aftermarket segment includes automobile repairs, replacement parts, and equipment installation, which has been traditionally accomplished via complex procedures such as welding or mechanical fastening. These conventional methods tend to take longer and cost more while producing a finish with protruding parts.


Problem Solving


Are you looking to solve common automotive aftermarket issues? Adhesives can improve conventional processes, replace bulky after effects of punching and folding, and open up the door for lighter weight designs. Adhesives also reduce noise and vibration better than other bonding procedures and offer improved automotive repair solutions.


Good for Them


The automotive aftermarket industry is shifting toward using adhesives as they provide a cleaner aesthetic that’s preferred by consumers. More than a simple design decision, adhesive bonding delivers a more lightweight solution, which increases energy efficiency without sacrificing safety or sustainability.


Good for You


For tighter seals and stronger bonds capable of fastening synthetic materials, we have a solution for your automotive aftermarket need. We manufacture a full line of automotive adhesives to bond a vehicle from front to back, be it the engine hood, trim attachment, or product badging. These adhesives are proven to be durable, standing up to fatigue, contaminants, and corrosion better than their traditional counterparts. Also, our products make it possible for mechanics to process automotive tasks at a faster rate with lower production costs while presenting design opportunities not available with conventional fasteners.


At H.B. Fuller, we have a reputation built on trust and reliability. We produce adhesives engineered to help you perform tasks faster and better using the latest technologies. In fact, our automotive sealants and adhesives exceed most current regulations.


Contact us to learn more about how our automotive adhesives and sealants are transforming the automotive aftermarket.

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