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“Inspired by Nature” Medical Adhesives

Posted 19 Jul 2019 by Joe Silvestro, Business Director, Health & Beauty

Bio-inspired materials feed innovation in medical-grade adhesives

The pace of innovation is evolving as many academic institutions and startups are developing unique solutions and new approaches to medical adhesion applications. Sticking to both dry and wet skin, as well as tissue, is an important consideration in medical adhesives. Here are a few of my favorite articles of outside-the-box thinking where inspiration for new products were found in nature.


Sticking Properties of an Octopus

Researchers at Changhyun Pang of Sungkyunkwan University and Changsoon Cho of the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute have recently developed a composite material, inspired by an octopus, that adheres to skin and provides an improved conductive path, which opens the door for use with electrocardiogram (ECG) and personal health monitors. Check out the details from Design News.


New Goo from the Backs of Salamanders

Harvard's Department of Medicine just announced a new adhesive that uses “goo” found on the backs of Chinese giant salamanders. The non-toxic, biodegradable material is soft and adheres to uneven dry and wet tissue. Read more from the article published on


Gecko Rebrands to Tissium with Biopolymer Focus

Tissium, formerly Gecko Biomedical, continues to expand its biopolymer platform to address specific unmet needs in the medical space. While the recent news is the rebranding, it signals a milestone for the development of their biopolymer platform, and it is possible approvals for their vascular sealant is imminent. Learn more about what is happening at Tissium.

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