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Sustainability in Flexible Packaging

Posted 02 Dec 2019 by Justine Hanlon, Market Manager, Flexible Packaging

Sustainability is more than a word within the flexible packaging industry. From film and adhesives to consumer packaging groups (CPGs), and end users to converters, the entire value chain of the flexible packaging industry is focused on tough sustainability issues. These include end-of-life, fit-for-use, recyclability and compostability. The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is the leading industry association. Through its outreach and advocacy programs, the FPA has committed significant resources to understand and support flexible packaging sustainability. From life cycle analysis (LCA) case studies of products to food waste reduction analysis through shelf life extension, the FPA is invested in sustainability.

The FPA recently published a new report on sustainable packaging, A Holistic View of the Role of Flexible Packaging in a Sustainable World. FPA commissioned PTIS, LLC, a leading business and technology company focused on packaging, to provide a holistic view on the sustainability benefits that flexible packaging offers; provide foresight into future sustainability implications for flexible packaging; and develop six LCA case studies comparing flexible packaging to other packaging formats across a range of products. 

As issued by the FPA, the report focuses on the segment of the industry that adds significant value to flexible materials, usually by performing multiple processes such as printing, laminating multiple layers, and adding coatings – all of which aid in performance of the material, improve the consumer/user experience, and/or extend the shelf life of the product. It focuses on the U.S. perspective, though global data and context are utilized to provide a broader picture, and looks at the current state for flexible packaging.

To download a full copy of the report, click here.

The FPA also developed a fact sheet to help summarize the key findings of the report. 

Flexible Packaging Sustainability Benefits Illustration. 

Source: Flexible Packaging Association

H.B. Fuller is committed to sustainability within the flexible packaging industry. To learn more about our sustainability commitments please check out our sustainability page here or contact a member of our flexible packaging team here.

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