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H.B. Fuller is Solving the Diaper Core Leakage Problem

Posted 04 Dec 2019 by Julia Li, Hygiene Global Marketing Manager

Hygiene Industry Problem: Leaky Diaper Dilemma

There are 250 babies born every minute, each of whom will require 7-10 diaper changes per day — that's a lot of diapers, and the last thing any consumer wants is an under-performing absorbent article causing leaks or discomfort to the baby. Adhesives play an important role in the construction of a diaper, enabling each of the separate component material to perform at their best. As a leading global adhesives manufacturer, we strive for excellence in understanding of consumers’ needs and wants to ensure our adhesive innovations deliver the best value to the manufacturers of the absorbent hygiene products. After studying feedback from almost 30,000 consumers for the 14 most reviewed baby diaper brands in North America, we learned that leakage and blowouts remain the top consumer pain points among diaper reviewers. 

Adhesive Solutions for Improved Diaper Performance
Leakage concerns could be attributed to a number of factors from the overall diaper fit, core design and absorption performance of the core component materials.   

Our Full-Care® 7800 series of adhesives was created to enable permanent channels formation in the diaper core. It was designed to have superior dry peel performance and excellent wet peel strength to ensure the core channels distribute the liquid efficiently and quick. The exceptional cohesion strength of Full-Care® 7800 series keeps diapers leak-free, helping to reduces bunching and improving fit even when the diaper is full


 We’ve also helped our customers meet the market demand for the better fitting, thinner and softer products with the development of Conforma™, an adhesive technology with stretch and retraction properties. By adding the stretch feature and ensuring enhanced product fit, the manufacturers of the absorbent hygiene products can minimize the leakage occurrences even during baby’s most active times.


Timely diaper change can help minimize the leaks and today’s busy moms are appreciating the convenience features like wetness indicator to help them save time and simplify decision making. We have experienced this need first-hand through the overwhelming demand for our Full-Care® 9500 series wetness indicator adhesive. Our wetness indicator adhesives feature improved speed, increased humidity resistance, and a more distinct color change at the time of wetness.


One diaper change to the next, our adhesive technologies can help. All of these advanced innovations allow manufacturers of the disposable articles design diapers that keep little one’s comfortable and dry.


Contact an H.B. Fuller expert today to learn more about the latest hygiene adhesive innovations that were designed to address key consumers’ pain points.

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