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Future-thinking adhesive technology, CFIA 2019

Posted 09 Apr 2019 by Christine Vidal, Geographical Sales Manager for Packaging, France

Food safe packaging and harnessing big data for competitive advantage are both key concerns in the packaging industry. So, not surprisingly our launch of the new range of Advantra® BOLD™  adhesives and FullVision™ data analytics consultancy was a big hit at CFIA 2019.

We launched this 'perfect pair' of future-thinking adhesive technologies to celebrate 20 years of Advantra® food safe packaging adhesives – and it proved a birthday to remember.

Manufacturers are optimistic about the potential benefits that t big data can bring to create a more efficient and profitable production line, but until now, many have struggled to achieve this strategic vision. Data integration has been one of the key challenges – manufacturers have often found themselves dealing with unconnected and unstructured sets of data or platforms that aren’t interoperable. They’ve also struggled to find the time and resources to analyze and extract value from the wide range of data they’re collecting daily from their different stakeholders.

Getting more value from your big data

Many of the leaders and experts we talked to at CFIA were very interested to discover more about how FullVision™, our innovative data analytics consultancy platform, can help them turn big data into actionable intelligence with clear positive impact in their operations and business.

FullVision™ works effortlessly with standard ATS equipment and is easy to introduce on existing packaging lines. It uses our proprietary software to analyze data from which we can draw meaningful, at-a-glance data reports. It all adds up to actionable insights that help manufacturers continuously improve their performance and profitability by optimizing specifications, reducing waste, and achieving material, time and energy savings.

Working at the heart of food safety

We've long worked closely with the industry to offer food safe packaging adhesives, and we are recognized as a trusted partner for our customers and distributors. Playing a leading role in the development of effective, adhesive-related safety regulations is an essential driver of our strategy. We drew on our global R&D expertise to create the new Advantra® BOLD™  range, in which is a series of adhesives with enhanced levels of food safety compliance.

Food safe today and in the future

The range uses a new polymer technology, meaning that Advantra® BOLD™  adhesives meet both today’s food safety regulations and future, more stringent regulations, too. And, as you’d expect from Advantra® adhesives, they also offer impressive in-line and in-use performance to boost production line efficiency.

The high level of interest in FullVision™ and Advantra® BOLD™  at CFIA 2019 was highly energizing for our technical experts and was a great way to mark our 20th anniversary! Thanks to all of you who connected with us.

If you missed us at CFIA, contact us today to connect with our experts in future-thinking adhesive technology.

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