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Airplane landing at night guided by runway lights.

H.B. Fuller Sealants Make Runway Safety a Reality

Posted 12 Sep 2018 by Ronnie Kerr, Product Manager Construction & Aviation Divisions

Royal Adhesives, now part of H.B. Fuller, brings with it a sealant product that is helping to make airplane runways safer than ever. Q-Seal™ 295-P606 two-component, polyurethane FAA P-606 compliant sealant is used in major airports throughout the United States, Canada, and runways around the world, including on military bases. It was specifically formulated to be used in airports for runway light installation as well as for runway crack repair.

Increasing Number of Flights

In 2017 alone, there were 36.8 million flights operated worldwide on passenger airlines. With the number of flights growing each year, it’s little wonder why a well-lit runway that is free from cracks is critically important, especially when it comes to safety.

That’s where the Q-Seal™ 295-P606 comes into play.


 The sealant is used in all runway lighting that requires FAA P-606 material, thereby helping to illuminate the path for planes taking off and landing, and helping to prevent debris (FOD) that might pose a danger to the engines, aircraft and people.

The DetailsPerson installing a runway light with sealant.

Q-Seal™ 295-P606 provides a weather and chemical-resistant waterproof seal for runway lighting where an FAA P-606 material is required. It also can be used as a sealant for saw cuts in concrete and asphalt surfaces. Benefits include the fact that it has zero solvents, zero VOCs, does not expand or flow above the joint, and is a 100-percent solid system.

Furthermore, it gels within five minutes, cures within 20 minutes, and has exceptional chemical resistance to de-icing fluid types I, II, III and IV, de-icing salts (including 50 percent by weight), potassium acetate, gasoline, jet fuels, hydraulic brake fluid, and motor oil.

Competition in the Market

While there are H.B. Fuller competitors who produce a similar sealant in the North America market, we are the only one to use urethane rather than epoxies or polyesters, which emit dangerous carcinogens. We are the only company to mix the sealant mechanically through a static mixture, giving it a perfect mix. Others currently stir by hand, resulting in varied consistency.

Close up of a runway light.Furthermore, when compared to epoxies and polyesters, our urethane product is softer, less brittle, and allows for more elongation. And, unlike other products that must be transported by ground or sea due to its chemical nature, our product may be flown on airplanes.

Visit Us at IESALC

Want to learn more? Stop by our booth at the annual IESALC Fall Technology Meeting, held this year in New Orleans, September 30 - October 4. As a Gold Sponsor, we’re excited to attend the world’s premier airfield lighting technology meeting, and largest gathering of airport lighting professionals.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or the occasional traveler, you fly with the peace of mind in knowing that the runways are both well-maintained and well-lit, and H.B. Fuller is the driving force behind making that the reality.


For more information about the projects we’re currently working on within the global airport runway industry, or to see how we can help you on your next project with our innovative, cutting-edge product solutions, contact H.B. Fuller today.

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