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Fast2K fence post backfill.

The Faster, More Convenient Alternative to Concrete

Posted 09 Mar 2018 by Edson Fariello, Director, New Business Development Royal Adhesives & Sealants

With the recent acquisition of Royal Adhesives & Sealants by H.B. Fuller, the global adhesives manufacturer is excited to expand its depth of product offerings.

Some of those offerings are the Q-Set 250 Utility Pole Setting Composite, Fast 2K Fence Post Backfill and Q-Set 250-750 Satellite Dish Post Setting Cement.  These products are different variations of a technology that is faster and more convenient than concrete for setting poles and posts.  All of these products are 2-component kits that can be easily mixed in a few seconds and poured inside the holes. The mixed product then expands in 2-3 minutes to fill the void between the pole or post and the hole. In just 15 minutes after that, installers can mount hardware to the utility poles or start building fences or install mailboxes, signs and satellite dishes to the posts. 

Benefits of the Backfill

Because the products expand, a pail or jug or bag kit can replace significant amounts of concrete. For example, a 2-lb bag of Fast 2K Fence Post Backfill replaces roughly 100-lb of concrete. This also means that it takes up a fraction of the space that concrete bags do (both for dealers and end-users alike). In fact, a pallet of Fast 2K replaces a truckload of concrete.

In addition to the convenience of not having to carry heavy concrete bags or rely on concrete trucks nor deal with messy mixing and equipment clean up, the products work much faster than traditional concrete. In the installation of utility poles, the Q-Set technology not only works faster than concrete but also dirt and gravel as no tamping is necessary, allowing installers to mount hardware within 15 minutes.

Similarly, the products for setting fence posts, mailboxes, signs and satellite dishes also have an initial set up of 15 minutes allowing contractors, technicians and DIYers to finish their installations in a fraction of the time that they would typically do (the typical concrete used for fence post installation for example would take a minimum of 24 hours).

Everything needed is in the jugs, pails or bags that form the kits depending on the product type.  The mixture does not require any water. This is particularly useful for when end-users need to set poles or build fencing, mailboxes, signs or install satellite dishes in more remote areas that are not near a water supply.

The products are also waterproof which helps to protect wood posts from rotting and metal posts from rusting. Furthermore, the backfill can be used in any type of temperature, including during harsh winter days.

Environmental Friendliness

The traditional wooden posts used for fences are treated lumber that contain hazardous chemicals that can leach to the ground. The Q-Set and Fast 2K products however, not only do not release any chemicals but also seal around the wood poles and posts preventing those treated lumber chemicals from leaching out.  

The backfill has also received praise for its environmental friendliness because of the effect on CO2 emissions, which are significantly lowered during transportation (for example, one pallet of Fast 2K Fence Post Backfill replaces an entire truckload of concrete bags).

 Infographic for Fast2K technology.

Moving Forward

Having already received accolades that include the Do It Best Members’ Choice Awards, the WRLA Best New Product Award, and a full-page write-up in The Family Handyman, H.B. Fuller is excited to bring this convenient and fast way to set poles and posts to contractors, technicians and DIYers everywhere.

Learn more about where to locate a dealer who supplies the Q-Set and Fast 2K products by visiting or or

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