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Food safe packaging adhesives in focus, CFIA 2018

Posted 22 Mar 2018 by Christine Vidal, Geographical Sales Manager for Packaging, France

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This years’ main topic at CFIA 2018 was food safety in Packaging. Understandably, many people we talked to at CFIA were enthusiastic to know how the latest technology will enable safety and regulatory compliance of adhesives in food packaging, along with better ways to achieve cleaner, more sustainable performance during application and use.

This concern rises after several red flags about food regulations by both governmental as non-governmental organisations, and its direct impact to packaging makers. The whole supply chain is feeling the pressure, from suppliers of raw materials and packaging components, to converters and retailers, who have been strong advocates of fresher, improved and innovative adhesive technologies.

At the heart of regulation and compliance

With this in mind at H.B. Fuller, we partner closely with the packaging industry – at all levels and for a wide range of applications – to support ongoing development of effective, adhesive-related safety regulations. In partnership with FEICA – the association representing Europe’s adhesive and sealant manufacturers – we provide guidance on food contact status declaration for adhesives, which covers both the obligations of the adhesive supplier and those of the adhesive user, designed to address the existing regulatory gap on non-plastic materials.

As a champion of industry best practice, it’s no coincidence that our product regulatory specialist, Alexandra Ross, also chairs the FEICA Paper and Packaging Working Group, which led the development of these invaluable industry guidelines.

Alexandra explains it this way: “We believe success lies in collaboration and sharing experience to unite sustainable packaging materials and modern print finishes with innovative adhesive technology. Whether we’re creating adhesives for packaging intended for dry goods, fresh-cut produce, pasteurized products or other food items, our research and development team’s first priority is the safety of consumers.”

Shaping guidance, improving performance

Through our close cooperation with FEICA and other industry organizations, we are helping to promote regulation compliance and its practicality. By doing so, customers can be assured our adhesive solutions are fully compliant and that they will be given access to the latest regulation guidance by our experts.

Events like CFIA are the perfect spot to collaboratively trigger the regulatory conversation further with both our customers and our market partners.

Wrapping up with cooler, cleaner innovation

Other topic of interest at the event was adhesive performance, to drive production line efficiency and minimize downtime. Testing specific applications at customers’ production sites or at our off-site facilities in both France and Germany is precisely what enables our fast turnaround on design and production challenges.

Our low application temperature Advantra® adhesives are the living proof of high performance combined with production chain optimization, by providing reduced energy and adhesive consumption, with a safer working environment for operators. These characteristics support brand integrity, while improving packing line efficiencies, particularly for manufacturers of temperature-sensitive food products, such as frozen goods.

Adhesive makes the difference in packaging

Our theme at CIFA 2018, ‘Adhesive makes the difference in packaging’ is testament to an ongoing commitment to connect what matters. It’s about partnering across the supply chain to recognize the wider role we can play in helping food packaging adhesives be safe, clean running and more sustainable.Thank you to all of you who visited us!

Missed us at CFIA? Contact us today to be ahead on food safety for packaging.

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